Air passengers face months of airport delays: Telegraph Travel

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Aviation & Airports (General News)
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Holidaymakers face months of prolonged delays getting back into the country because of a shortage of immigration officers and tighter checks, it has emerged.

Passengers face threat of long immigraion delays

Passengers face threat of long immigraion delays Photo: ALAMY

Already it is not uncommon for EU passengers to spend more than an hour to clear checkpoints staffed by the UK Border Agency. Their plight is likely to get worse as the summer unfolds, with the Immigration Service Union predicting that delays could reach three to four hours at busiest times, especially for those not carrying EU passports.

Earlier this month The Daily Telegraph disclosed that airports and airlines have warned the UK Border Agency of chaos because of staff shortages. According to the Immigration Service Union the chaos could begin over the summer, partly because the Agency’s fixed rostering system takes no account of passenger flows.

In addition the Home Office is planning to cut the size of the workforce at a time when stricter controls are being used.

The time taken to process passengers has already been lengthened by the introduction of scanning machines by the last Government which has added about 10 seconds to the time needed to screen every arrival

Read the full strory at Telegraph Travel….

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5:46PM BST 08 Apr 2012

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