Furious holidaymakers sent home after Thomson failed to tell them their flight to Goa had left three hours EARLY

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Airlines, Aviation & Airports (General News), Gatwick
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A group of holidaymakers had their break ruined after their flight left three hours ahead of schedule.

Left behind: Several passengers missed their Thomson flight after not being told of the changes to the departure time

Left behind: Several passengers missed their Thomson flight after not being told of the changes to the departure time

Travel giant Thomson failed to inform passengers of the changes made for the London to Goa flight which departed for India without a number of tourists onboard. Carol Ford and her family were among 20 passengers that arrived at Gatwick airport only to be told that the plane had left for the popular destination.

Pensioner Carol Ford, 67, was heading out to the tropical paradise with her sister Marlene, 66, and half brother Eric Byrne, 59, after her doctor told her to go somewhere hot to help her arthritis.

But when they arrived at the airport following a gruelling three hour train and taxi journey from Marlene’s house in Stirchley, Birmingham, they were told they had missed their flight.

Carol said: ‘We were their in good time, the plane was due to leave at 7.40 and we were in the airport at 5.15. ‘We went to talk to someone on the desk about our tickets and they told us we’d missed the flight. ‘They claimed they’d sent us a letter or email a week before the flight to say it had changed, but my son, who booked the trip, says he never received anything.

‘If it had just been us then I would have accepted that it was possibly our fault, or there was a mistake, but there were about sixteen other people with us and we can’t have all done that.

‘I’ve been using Thomson for years, I’ve never had a problem, but the company seems to have declined.

‘Right now I’m not sure I ever want to go on holiday again. The whole thing nearly caused me to fall out with my own sister on the train home. ‘I was just in shock when it happened, I’m still distraught now, Marlene’s so distraught she won’t talk about it.

‘I’ve never even missed a train before in my life let alone a flight. We know all about arriving three hours before. ‘It was a six hour round trip from Birmingham to London and back. We were exhausted. I just couldn’t believe the way they told us.’

Read this full Daily Mail story here….

Story by: By DAVID GERGES of The Daily Mail
PUBLISHED: 9 April 2012


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