No need for a strip search! Woman gets naked in middle of airport

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Aviation & Airports (General News), USA
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[Mail Online] Perhaps she was proving she had nothing to hide or maybe she thought officials had asked for a strip search?

The passenger shocked staff and onlookers when she stripped by a Denver Airport boarding gate

The passenger shocked staff when she stripped by a Denver airport boarding gate

Whatever the case there was all round confusion when one woman stripped naked at Denver International Airport on Tuesday morning.

The bizarre incident happened at about 8.45am this morning when the woman was caught illegally smoking a cigarette at an airport departure gate.

Airport workers told the woman to put out the cigarette – at which point she took off all her clothes.

It is not clear why she chose to remove her clothes in full view of everyone around but local police said that the cigarette issue was unrelated.

Still standing in just her birthday suit the woman then asked an official to reprint her boarding pass for her.

A photo obtained by TMZ shows the woman totally in the nude with her back to the check-in desk. A fellow passenger keeps his eyes firmly averted from the lady who has a pile of clothing at her feet….

Read the full story at the Mail Online….

By Laura Pullman
PUBLISHED: 11 April 2012

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