Syphax: New Tunisian Airline To Launch Tomorrow

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Airlines, Aviation & Airports (General News), Middle East
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The new Tunisian airline, which will be officially launched on tomorrow (Saturday 14 April), will run scheduled flights to European destinations in France, Italy, Morocco and Turkey with two Airbus A319s. Additional destinations in the Middle East and North America will be added as the Tunisian economy develops.

New Tunisian airline founded by businessman Mahmoud Frikha

New Tunisian airline founded by businessman Mahmoud Frikha: Photo: Doric Asset Finance

Syphax’s owner, entrepreneur Mohamed Frikha, said: “It’s not every day you get to launch an airline and we want Syphax to portray the spirit and image of the new Tunisia.

JWT Tunis Communication Business Director for the Syphax account, Ahmed Mahjoub added: “In the new era Tunis is forging, we wanted our communication to provide a business solution for the airline. Blending imagination and innovation we hope that by sparking the interest of people they will discover Syphax Airline and what it is doing for the country and the Tunisian people.”

Syphax takes its name from the Numidian warrior Syphax and is based out of Sfax, the country’s second largest city. It will serve as the base for the airline’s European operations.

The new carrier is based at Sfax–Thyna International Airport (IATA: SFA, ICAO: DTTX).

During World War II, the airport was known as Sfax Airfield and was used by the United States Army Air Force Ninth Air Force using B-25 Mitchell bombers during the North African Campaign.

Two former Hamburg International Airbus A319-112’s are in now use with the airline.

Syphax Airlines will operate from Sfax and Tunis to Casablanca, plus Istanbul (from Sfax) twice a week. Sfax may provide competition to Tunisair on Paris based routes. Besides the national airline, Air France is also operates between Paris and Tunis, and Royal Air Morocco already operates from Tunis to Casablanca.

It is also looking at other destinations, Rome, Tripoli or Benghazi.

In the near future, Syphax plans to acquire a third A319 and A320 by 2015.

Chris Newman 13th April
Credits: Agence Nationale de L’aviation Civile de Gabon; Campaign Middle East; World Airline News


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