Airline Ranking by profit in 2011: Lufthansa earned 820 million euros last year

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Airlines, Europe
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Translated fron an original Spanish text story:

(Aeronoticias.) – The Lufthansa group returned almost double the profit  of that acheived by the IAG group airlines, Iberia and British Airways and triple that recorded by easyJet last year in terms of operating profit, this is according to a report from Eurocontrol, which shows the impact on the airline market of consumer uncertainty and high fuel prices.

The ranking of European airlines by operating profit is headed by Lufthansa

The ranking of European airlines by operating profit is headed by Lufthansa

The ranking of European airlines by operating profit is headed by Lufthansa who last year earned 820 million euros, representing 20 percent less than tha returned in 2010, a drop they attribute to the losses at Bmi.

Second in the table is the IAG Group which last year doubled its operating profit for the year 2010 to achieve 485 million euros, according to Eurocontrol this is due to the success of the newly combined group of British Airways and Iberia under IAG.

EasyJet is the third airline in Europe to have managed to close 2011 with a profit of 297 million, 72 million more than in 2010, as recorded by the report by the European body. Ryanair does not feature on the table because it has a different fiscal year.

The biggest losers:

On the opposite side are Air France-KLM, SAS and Air Berlin all who closed last year in the red. Specifically, the Franco-Dutch airline reported a loss of 353 million euros in 2011 compared with 28 billion gained in operating profit the previous year.

Despite having managed to reduce their losses by almost half compared to 2010 the SAS Group also closed 2011 in the red, posting losses of 185 million euros.

Air Berlin finally ended last year with an operating loss of 247 million euros versus 17 million that was left in 2010. The German company attributed the losses to the rising oil prices and the introduction of the German tax on aviation.

Original story (in Spanish) at

SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012

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