News Flash – Virgin Flight Passengers Evacuated on Runway

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Aviation & Airports (General News), Gatwick
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Reporting from the scene of the incident – London Gatwick: 12:30 16th April 2012.

Flights in and out of Gatwick Airport are suspended after a plane bound for the United States is forced to make an emergency landing

I’m currently sitting on an easyJet Airbus 319, that was bound for Vienna, at the western holding point. Our aircraft was number one in departure traffic but was held at this point due to an inbound emergency being declared.

Our engines have been shut down.

A Virgin Airbus A330 has just landed under full emergency procedures at Gatwick Airport.

The flight was given a priority landing spot and has stopped on the runway itself after the flight crew were alerted to the possibility of smoke in the cargo hold. The emergency shoots were used to quickly disembark the passengers on to the runway.

All flights, both departing and landing have been put on hold as the stricken aircraft is checked out by Fire Services. Passengers are currently standing to the side of the runway awaiting collection by Gatwick Airport staff.

The aircraft will have to have it’s emergency chutes detached before it can be cleared from the main runway. We have been informed that the delay and the reopening of the runway is likely to take at least an hour.

So far the Fire Service have not found any problems in the cargo holds.

Reported by Chris Newman
For The Airport Informer
12:30 16th April 2012


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