Spanair, Malev, Air Australia, who’s next ? – WHAT TO DO WHEN AN AIRLINE GOES BUST – A BBC Video Post

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Airlines, Australia, Europe
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In a year that proves to be as difficult as ever for the airline industry, three more well known brands have collapsed in spectacular style.

What to do when an airline goes bust !!!

What to do when an airline goes bust !!!

So far 2012 has seen the end of the line for the Spanish carrier Spanair, who closed for business in January, closely followed in February by Hungary’s national carrier Malev and just a few short weeks later down-under, we saw the sudden demise or Air Australia. All this turbulence has left doubt in the mind of international traveller as to just how secure are their travel arrangements once they’ve parted with their money.

Industry experts think that with continuing pressures on the business, more will follow.

When Spain’s Spanair collapsed in January 20,000 people were left stranded.

Carmen Roberts from BBC  reports on possible warning signs of an airline getting into trouble, what you can do if you are left stranded and what chance you have of getting your money back…..

See the BBC feature video here….

BBC News
17th April 2012

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