Passengers suffer two-hour wait to get through Gatwick Airport passport control – Evening Standard

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Aviation & Airports (General News), Gatwick
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[Evening Standard]  Furious Gatwick passengers today told how they were caught up in two- hour queues to get through passport control this week.

Welcome to Britain: regular flyers said Tuesday night’s queues were the worst they could remember

Welcome to Britain: regular flyers said Tuesday night’s queues were the worst they could remember

Travellers arriving back in Britain said the delays were so bad the queues snaked out of the main immigration hall back towards the stands where they had disembarked.

The backlog happened on Tuesday evening when passengers said only  three Border Agency staff were on duty to check UK and EU passports in Gatwick’s North terminal.

Online publishing director Robert Gray, returning from a holiday in the French Alps, said: “It was all pretty desperate. There were European families in Britain for the first time with their children in tears.

“The man next to me said he was going to emigrate he couldn’t bear it any longer.”

Consultant Bryan Kennedy, 54, who travels regularly on business, said he had never seen queues as bad at Gatwick. Mr Kennedy, who was returning from Barcelona, said: “I arrived at 8.30pm and some people had already been there for hours before me. The guy standing next to me said the driver sent to pick him up had been waiting for 90 minutes.”

He added: “It’s only going to get worse at the Olympics. A lot of people will be visiting London for the first time — what a welcome to Britain. Gatwick does very well getting people out; it’s getting people back in again that’s the problem”……#

Read the full story in tonight’s Evening Standard….

Jonathan Prynn, Consumer Business Editor 
Evening Standard – 19th April 2012


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