Barcelona: Amsterdam bound flight stranded for 7 hours as KLM fly in spare tyre

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Airlines, Europe
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Barcelona: A Boeing 737 belonging to Dutch airline KLM was forced to fly in a spare tyre all the way from its base in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, after punctures in two of its landing wheels grounded the aircraft on Sunday morning for many hours.

The KLM 737 flight took an eight hour delay was incurred due to the lack of spares

The KLM 737 flight took a seven hour delay due to the lack of full spares: Picture: De Telegraaf

KLM took the decision to take such an extraordinary step in order to put the stranded aircraft back into service.

Its support facilities partner in the Spanish airport could only supply one spare unit, so as there was no alternative another spare had to be flown hundreds of miles to Barcelona. Commentators at the scene of the incident speculated that the facilities workshops for Iberia, a major carrier in the airport, flies Airbus aircraft and thus their spares are incompatible.

After the spare arrived and was fitted successfully, the flight took off for its original destination. The delay totalled seven hours.

Sources on the aircraft say that many passengers were not happy as the severe delays caused them to completely miss their connections in Amsterdam.

The Airport Informer reporting….

Story by Chris Newman
22nd April 2012


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