Virgin Atlantic’s new Upper Class ‘Dream Suite’ makes its debut

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Airlines, Australia, Aviation & Airports (General News)
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[Australian Business Traveller] Virgin Atlantic will reveal its new ‘Upper Class Dream Suite’ business class seats this weekend, with the cabin’s first flight on the daily London-New York (VS003/004) service on April 21st.

Sir Richard Branson wants to give Virgin Atlantic's business class a lift

Sir Richard Branson wants to give Virgin Atlantic's business class a lift

Sources at Virgin Atlantic confirmed the launch date to Australian Business Traveller, with April 21st tied to the debut of Virgin Atlantic’s newest Airbus A330.

This will be Virgin’s first A330 fitted with business class, and will sport 33 seats over nine rows (in a mosty 1-2-1 layout) in the same space where the current A330s have 59 premium economy seats (arranged 2-3-2).

What Virgin Atlantic promises to be a “cutting-edge Upper Class cabin” will also include an updated bar design located by the entrance, a new in-flight entertainment system plus a refreshed “fine dining” menu, with an ‘express supper menus’ for lighter meals and quicker service.

“This is not just about the seat” says Virgin Atlantic chief operating officer Steve Griffiths.

“This is about creating a gap [with our competitors]. It involves new product, new in-flight entertainment and investment in the service. It will absolutely make Virgin Atlantic the best in class.”…..

Read the full story at the Australian Business Traveller….

By David Flynn
22 APR, 2012

  1. AirportsMadeSimple says:

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  2. ashazenzi says:

    love hate relationship w/Virgin Atlantic. LOVE their rock star vibe and innovative spirit. HATED working for them doing in-bound call center work.

  3. Richie says:

    The bar makes it far better. I have flown on Swiss, Lufthansa, United, all in First Class and I’ve never seen a bar. Unfortunately, I very rarely go to London these days.

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