End border chaos, airline boss Willie Walsh tells David Cameron: Standard

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Airlines, Aviation & Airports (General News), Heathrow
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[Evening Standard] David Cameron was today told by the country’s top airline boss to “sort out” the chaos at Britain’s borders or face losing billions of pounds in business and tourism revenues.

Walsh: Sort out Heathrow queues or lose business and tourists

Walsh: Sort out Heathrow queues or lose business and tourists

Willie Walsh, head of the Inter-national Airlines Group, which owns British Airways, Iberia and Bmi, said delays at Britain’s major airports had worsened significantly because of cuts and poor management and had now reached “unacceptable” levels.

He said business chiefs were shunning Britain as a result and that it was pointless for the Prime Minister to travel round the world proclaiming that Britain was “open for business” when visitors were treated badly on arrival.

Mr Walsh’s attack came as passengers reaching Heathrow complained of being treated like a “bunch of slaves” after waiting up to three hours with passport control desks unmanned.

Some complained of spending longer in immigration queues than on their flights and of being left without food, water or adequate assistance. Others said they were “never coming back” because of the “nightmare” delays.

The problems add to mounting anger about queues that left thousands of travellers, including Formula One teams and TV historian Mary Beard, suffering delays at Heathrow this week. Immigration unions have fuelled the concerns by claiming waits of up to five hours are happening daily at airports and passengers are being “kettled” to cope with the queues.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Mr Walsh said the problems were inflicting economic damage on the…..

Read the full interview at The Evening Standard…..

Martin Bentham
26 April 2012

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