Another Airline Falls Viction: Now Danish Airline Cimber Sterling goes bankrupt

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Airlines, Aviation & Airports (General News), Scandanavia
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[The Copenhagen Post] Passengers left holding worthless tickets after airline cancels all routes. The Danish airline Cimber Sterling has declared bankruptcy after its owners decided not to continue their financial support of the company.  
Cimber CEO: "This is a sad day for Danish aviation, for Cimber Sterling and for me personally": Photo courtesy Flickr - carrib

Cimber CEO: “This is a sad day for Danish aviation, for Cimber Sterling and for me personally”: Photo courtesy Flickr – carrib

The statement goes on to say that all of the airline’s flights are “provisionally cancelled” and that flyers that had purchased travel insurance would receive a refund from the Travel Guarantee Fund.

Travellers who did not purchase travel insurance are pretty much out of luck.

Jan Palmer, Cimber’s CEO, said he was most concerned about the airline’s customers.

“This is a sad day for Danish aviation, for Cimber Sterling and for me personally,” Palmer told Jyllands-Posten. “But it is far worse for those passengers that have been left holding tickets.” 

Read the company’s statement in full translated from the original Danish.

The bankruptcy hits domestic routes connecting Copenhagen Airport to Karup, Bornholm, Sønderborg and Billund especially hard because Cimber Sterling was the only company flying from those smaller airports to the capital. Passengers from Aarhus and Aalborg can still get to and from Copenhagen on SAS.

SAS has announced it is adding flights in light of the development but acknowledged that the bankruptcy of Cimber Sterling, which was their partner on several routes, will affect some SAS flights.

“It is inevitable that this situation will affect SAS traffic,” the company wrote in a statement. “Our priority is those customers that purchased tickets from SAS.”

SAS’s statement calls Cimber Sterling’s bankruptcy “deeply regrettable” and says that SAS is working to get schedules back to normal as soon as possible, although they were not sure when that would be.

A spokesperson from Copenhagen Airport said they are working to fill the gap left by Cimber Sterling…..

Read the full story at The Copenhagen Post….

Ray Weaver
May 3, 2012


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