Vienna – Airbus has Front Door Sheared off in Freak Jetway Accident: the Aviation Herald

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Airlines, Aviation & Airports (General News), Europe
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Latest Update With Pictures Here

[The Aviation Herald] Vienna – On Sunday an Airbus A321 had its front left main door ripped away from the fuselage in a freak accident. The ‘flyNiki‘ aircraft had just arrived from Spain when the incident happened.

The jetway suddenly lifted about 1.5 meters up, entangled with the aircraft door

The Jetway suddenly lifted about 1.5 meters up, entangled with the aircraft door. Photo: Wikipedia

The flight (HG-2715) from Malaga in Spain landed at Vienna International Airport and made its way to Gate C41, when it stopped at the gate ready for the passengers to disembark, the ground crew manoeuvred and docked the Jetway on to the aircraft.

When the crew opened the main door and passengers were about to leave the aircraft, the Jetway suddenly lifted about 5 feet up, entangled with the aircraft door and then lifted the entire aircraft by about 8 inches upwards.

At this point the aircraft door was ripped from the fuselage causing the aircraft to fall back onto the apron.

The passengers and crew were forced to leave the aircraft via the rear door and were then taken into an enclosed area of the terminal building and were asked if anyone had suffered any injuries from the incident. The travelers all confirmed that there were no ill effects at the time.

The aircraft received substantial damage and has been out of service since the incident on Sunday.

A spokesman from flyNiki confirmed that the Airbus had been lifted when the Jetway moved upwards and became entangled in the front door, and then fell down to the apron when the door sheared off.

A spokesman for Vienna International Airport said that, “Medical assistance was offered to all passengers following an aircraft being lifted by the Jetway, however no passenger reported any pain or injuries at the time”

The Jetway had correctly docked against the aircraft, but a failure of a sensor unit caused the Jetway to suddenly lift taking the aircraft door and aircraft with it.

Today (May 8th)  a female passenger aged 76 reported feeling felt pain and was seen by doctors who diagnosed her with the fracture to her coccyx.

Investigations are expected to continue.

Read the original report at The Aviation Herald…..

The Aviation Herald
8th May, 2012


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