Indonesia Air Crash – Russian Built Aircraft Hit Mountain: AV Herald

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Asia, Aviation & Airports (General News), Russia
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[Aviation Herald]  – UPDATED STORY HERE….

Search and rescue teams using helicopters this morning, suspect that they have found the wreckage of a Russian built airliner on the slopes of Mount Salak, about 5,300 feet up the mountainside.

Rescue teams are currently on the ground and only about 1km from the crash site. Picture: Aviation Herald

Ground based rescue and recovery teams are currently on their way to the crash site.

The first attempts to reach the crash site, including attempts to set rescuers down by helicopters had previously failed due to the extremely steep terrain. About 450 rescue personnel are currently moving towards the crash site by foot but had not reached the crash site before darkness fell. The rescue teams are currently only about 1km from the crash site.

The coordinator of the rescue operation said that the aircraft “appeared relatively intact from the air” however it is clear that is has received substantial damage after leaving a trail away from the crater down the slope, there was no sign of survivors from the air.

As rescuers have yet to reach the site the status of the occupants on board of the aircraft is still unknown. The rescue operation has been suspended for the night but will resume in the morning.

The aircraft with 36 passengers and 6 crew plus 2 Sukhoi executives on board was flying from Jakarta’s Halim Perdanakusuma Airport on a round demonstration flight. As it neared regions called Mount Salak and Bogor, about 40 miles south of Jakarta it vanished from radar and radio contact was lost.Indonesian air transport officials stated that the aircraft was flying at about 10,000 feet near Mount Salak at 3:30pm local time when the crew requested a descent to 6000 feet.

The request was granted by local air traffic control; this was the last contact that they had with the aircraft.

Radar contact was lost as the aircraft descended in a right hand turn, at the previously requested height between Mount Salak and Mount Gede.

Mount Salak is 2,211 meters (7254 feet) high, nearby Mount Gede is 2,958 meters (9,705 feet) high.

Sukhoi’s Welcome Asia! road show

The Russian built Suhkoi Superjet 100 aircraft was on a promotional tour of Asia when it lost radio contact with local air traffic controllers in Western Indonesia earlier yesterday.

The Sukhoi aircraft arrived in Jakarta on May 8th 2012, on the fourth stop of a six-nation “Welcome Asia!” road show after having already been to Myanmar, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. It was supposed to head next to Laos and Vietnam.

Sukhoi is Russia’s major aircraft holding company, employing more than 26,000 people.

See pictures taken near the scene and read the original report from the Aviation Herald….

Reporting by Chris Newman
from the original story by the Aviation Herald
10th May, 2012


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