[Airport Informer] This afternoon Philip Langsdale resigned from his post as Chief Information Officer at BAA Heathrow Airport to move to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Colin Matthews, CEO of Heathrow said earlier: "This is a great opportunity for Philip"

Only days after giving a keynote speeech on the future on the IT investment strategy for BAA in Heathrow, Philip Langsdale is leaving the company.

Philip Langsdale gave 2012’s Appleton Lecture at the Institute of Engineering and Technology and explained the systems that Heathrow needed to make the airport run smoothly.

The CIO of the world’s busiest airport announced that £1.5 billion was to be sunk into improving real-time and decision-making software systems at Heathrow.

In a note to community members this afternnon Colin Matthews, Chief Executive of Heathrow said,

“I am sorry to confirm that after 4 years with BAA as Chief Information Officer, Philip Langsdale is leaving us to take on the role of Chief Information Officer at the Department for Work and Pensions.”

“This is a great opportunity for Philip and we are certainly proud that he has been chosen to take on this big and important task”,  he continued.

“I would like to thank Philip for his great contribution to improving IT at BAA with a firm focus of making every journey better for our passengers. Also for his exceptional work in leading the winter resilience programme”.

“Philip will be leaving at the end of August. An announcement will be made in due course about his successor”.

“Along with my Executive team, colleagues in IT and across our airports I know you join me in wishing Philip the very best in his new role and thank him for his work here at BAA”.

Philip Langsdale Said, “I would like to share the following announcement that Colin Matthews sent out internally today regarding my future”.Note

The announcement was signed by Philip Langsdale and in summing up Langsdale added,

“I will of course keep you fully informed of any changes as a result of this announcement over the coming months.

I won’t be going for some time, so will say my goodbyes to you face-to-face in due course.”

Reporting by Chris Newman
For the Airport Informer
14th May, 202


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