Cardiff – an airport once worth £200 million now valued at just £30 million today: The Monday Line

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Airlines, Aviation & Airports (General News), Cardiff Airport
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[The Monday Line from UK Progressive] With the abrupt departure last week of embattled TBI Albertis’ Manager Patrick Duffy, Cardiff Airport now begins the difficult task of rebuilding airline routes, services, facilities and business traveller confidence.

Cardiff Airport lost another 13% of its passengers in 2011

Cardiff Airport lost another 13% of its passengers in 2011. Photo: Wikipedia

For the last decade it has been both an embarrassment and running joke of an airport having lost another 13% of its passengers in 2011.   

An airport that was once worth upwards of £200 million pounds, handled four regular daily-service carriers (sorry sun and booze charter operators can fly from any airport) and 2 million+ business travellers relied on in the past, handled just over 1.2 million travellers in the last year.

Having travelled a week ago to the USA, it was far less of a hassle to commute to London Heathrow Airport where travel options were in the 10s vs the one flight with a six-hour layover to an airport 40 miles outside of Washington via a counter-intuitive opposite direction connection over Amsterdam.

And yet the self-serving promotional e-mails for this failed airport and its one remaining international airline, KLM, continue to clutter my In Box offering fares and routes far more convoluted and 40% higher.

Worth just £30 million pounds today, the future of the airport remains in the hands of an owner/operator that could just sell and run to avoid the stain and embarrassment of this airport’s failure.

Too, the facility’s growing inability to work with the Welsh Government and local businesses now has the airport’s existence hangs on a knife’s edge as TBI Albertis now have a facility worth only a fraction of its high water mark valuation.

Read the rest of this commentary at Denis Campbell’s – The Monday Line

MAY 21, 2012


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