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[BBC News] Passengers are facing widespread flight disruption after a computer failure at the UK’s air traffic control centre.

Vicky Lane, a passenger on a grounded London to Dublin plane at Gatwick said: “We’ve been stuck on a Ryanair flight… for over an hour.

“The doors are open and we’re really cold. I’m not sure when we will be leaving.”

Another passenger, on a flight to Paris, said his plane had “circled around the Lake District for half an hour before turning back to Edinburgh”.

Ed Bott told the BBC he was: “Currently sitting on the tarmac. None the wiser. Waiting for news as to what’s happening.”

Aviation journalist David Learmount said the IT problem would cause “major disruption” but would be resolved by Saturday.

“This impacts not just people within the UK, it impacts flights heading here from anywhere – anything heading this way will be told some of them can’t be accepted, and they will have to go back to where they flew from or consider diverting to other countries,” he told the BBC.

The RAF – which has its own air traffic control systems – said the UK military was unaffected.

According to one travel expert, the compensation bill from the disruption could run into tens of millions.

“The airlines will already be racking up the costs,” Independent journalist Simon Calder told BBC News. “Simply refunding passengers’ fares is going to cost them hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“The airline also has an unlimited duty of care to put people up in hotels, to feed them and everything else, until they can get them to their destination.”

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BBC News
12th Dec, 2014





Grey line

[BBTN] Airports have warned of potential delays through immigration control on Wednesday (March 20) due to a strike by Border Force staff.

“Action will start with a 24-hour strike on budget day,” said the PCS.

“Action will start with a 24-hour strike on budget day,” said the PCS. Photo: Wikipedia

Employees, who are members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union, are due to go on a 24-hour strike designed to coincide with tomorrow’s budget from chancellor George Osborne.

UK Border Agency said in a statement: “Our top priority is minimising disruption to our public-facing services and our public offices will remain open for business. We apologise for any disruption to services which result from this industrial action.”

Heathrow warned that arriving passengers “may experience some delays at immigration” but said it was not changing any flight schedules.

“The Home Office has assured us it has contingency plans in place to minimise any disruption caused by the strike,” said the airport. “We are operating a normal flight schedule and we are not advising passengers to change their plans.”

PCS workers around the UK are taking industrial action in protest at proposed cuts to pay, pensions and working conditions. The union said the timing of the strike was designed “to put maximum pressure on ministers who are refusing to talk to us”.

“Action will start with a 24-hour strike on budget day,” said the PCS. “When the chancellor stands up to deliver his budget we’ll be protesting across the UK.”

Stansted said its flights would be operating as normal but added they may be some delays at passport control.

UK Border Force has contingency plans in place and we will work with them to ensure any disruption to our passengers is kept to a minimum,” said the airport.

It was a similar message from Luton which advised incoming passengers to take a series of steps to ease any potential delays including the use of automatic e-Passport gates, having landing cards fully completed and staying in family groups.

For the latest updates on the strike from UKBA, CLICK HERE…..

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Buying Business Travel
19th Mar, 2013

[Reuters] British travel group Thomas Cook plans to merge its German, British and Belgian airline operations, appointing a new airline management board to run the business.

Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium will become one airline segment within the group from 1st  March.

Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium will become one airline segment within the group from 1st March. Photo: Wikipedia

The world’s oldest travel group said on Tuesday that Condor, its German airline brand, Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium would become one airline segment within the group from March 1.

The move is part of a turnaround plan, the effects of which began to kick-in late last year. The company, which was thrown a lifeline by lenders last May, has seen a steady improvement in its finances and a pick-up in demand in recent months.

The new airline management board will be chaired jointly by Christoph Debus, group head of air travel, and Ralf Teckentrup, Condor’s chief executive, the company said. Former easyJet and KLM executive Cor Vrieswijk will take the reins as chief operating officer of Thomas Cook Airlines UK next month.

“At time when the European airline industry is experiencing major change, we believe that our airline will be stronger as one integrated business,” said Debus.

Frank Pullman will retire as managing director of Thomas Cook Airlines UK next month, the company said…..

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5th Feb, 2013

[The Scotsman] LOSS-MAKING airline Flybe is to shed 300 – one in ten of its staff – as part of a “turnaround plan” announced today in an attempt to return to profit.

Flybe are to cut 300 jobs in a bid to return to profit.

Flybe are to cut 300 jobs in a bid to return to profit. Photo: Wikipeda

The carrier, which describes itself as Europe’s largest regional airline, said it hoped the £35 million cuts plan would return it to the black in 2013-14.

The job losses will include one in five management posts, to create a “leaner, more focused business.

Flybe said it did not “currently envisage any significant changes to the number of UK bases or its route network at this stage” but they would be reviewed.

The first part of the two-part plan could also involve some activities being subcontracted to other companies.

The moves come as Berwickshire-born chief executive Jim French prepares to move to become chairman.

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23rd Jan, 2013>

[Airport Informer] For many in the Heathrow community and across the aviation business, today was a litle sad, but there was also a reason to mark it as something very special as well, for it was the day that the last Bmi flight landed at the airport.

Heathrow Fire Teams create a welcoming arch for the laast Bmi flight today.  Photo: John Jefferies

Heathrow Fire Teams create a welcoming water arch for the last ever Bmi flight today. Photo: John Jefferies

British Midland’s long and illustrious history came to an end today following the arrival of its last commercial journey. Flight number BD928 inbound from Baku, the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan landed in Heathrow to a warm commemorative welcome at 10:30 this morning. The flight came in to a sunny if a little chilly airport and landed on Heathrow’s northern runway.

Company History

With a history that spans over seven decades, British Midland can trace its roots back to 1938 when Captain Roy Harben established a school for training pilots of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve and called it Air Schools Limited in that year.

Roy Harben died in 1947 from a heart attack after forming a parent company called Derby Aviation Limited the previous year. His wife and a partner of her husband continued to run the business. For several years and incorporating the services of Wolverhampton Aviation, the company offered charter and freight services.

In 1953 the company ceased flying training after it received a licence in to operate scheduled flights from Burnaston and Wolverhampton to Jersey. The following year Wolverhampton Aviation was merged with Derby Aviation.

In 1956 the airline started international operations with a route to Ostend.

By 1959 Derby Aviation rebranded to become known as Derby Airways, changing its livery at the same time.

Finally the airline became known as British Midland Airways in 1964 after the purchase of a Manchester Airport based airline called Mercury Airlines.

The last Bmi flight - 27th October, 2012

Airport staff greet the last Bmi flight at Heathrow – 27th October, 2012

We would like to wish all those who worked for Bmi all the very best for the future. The airline may have ceased trading but it will not be forgotten.

The Airport Informer
27th Oct, 2012

[BBC NewsBirmingham Airport‘s runway has been shut after a plane skidded off it.

The aircraft skidded off the runway shortly after 13:10 BST

The aircraft skidded off the runway shortly after 13:10 BST. Photo: Wikipedia

Airport officials said the Monarch-chartered flight ZB467, from Nice in France, skidded off the runway shortly after 13:10 BST.

The airport said the Boeing 737 was operated by Lithuanian firm Air Aurela.

Monarch said the plane was being taxied to the terminal when “one set of wheels left the taxi way bringing the aircraft to a stop”. There were not thought to be any injuries.

The airport said all flights were suspended and “airfield services” were assisting the airline crew.

In a statement, Monarch said: “Passengers are being transferred to the airport terminal where they will be cared for by Monarch staff.”

The company said it was working with the airport to move the aircraft and help with the investigation into what happened.

It said that as a “standard precaution”, emergency services were dealing with the aircraft……

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BBC News
21st Sept, 2012