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[Daily Mail] The first ever Boeing 727, first revealed to the public in 1962, is set to fly again after sitting in a museum for the last 25 years.

A team of volunteers with a keen interest in aviation, and the skills to make a difference, have spent weeks restoring the United Airlines jetliner to its former glory.

A tentative date of March 1 has been pencilled in when the aircraft will rise from the tarmac once more

A tentative date of March 1 has been penciled in when the aircraft will rise from the tarmac once more

The plane was donated by United Airlines back in 1991 to the Museum of Flight’s Restoration Center at Paine Field, where it has been sat ever since.

The restoration of the iconic jet has been documented by aviation enthusiast and keen photographer Robert Bogash on his blog.

‘We are waking up an airplane that first flew 53 years ago, and that has been “sleeping” for the past 25 years,’ writes Mr Bogash.

‘But – especially for me – I began my affair with her 32 years ago – she is still an airplane that has the magic of flight embedded in her genes, and we intend to let her experience that magic one more time. And we will savour the…….

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Friday 26th February, 2016>

[Metro] Heathrow Airport has denied claims four planes in British airspace made ‘mayday’ distress calls as they came close to running out of fuel while battling gale-force winds.

Planes that were unable to land at either Gatwick or Heathrow on Friday were diverted to Manchester and met by emergency response teams.

It had been reported by the Sunday Times that three of the four planes made distress calls after they thought their reserve fuel was coming to an end.

In addition, it was thought that another, an American Airlines flight, had experienced problems with its rudder.

However, a spokesperson for Heathrow said this morning: ‘The story in the Sunday Times is untrue. There were no mayday or distress calls received at Heathrow.

‘Due to high cross winds some aircraft were diverted to other UK airports that have spare runway capacity.’

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BBC News
17th Jan, 2014

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[Star Alliance – Press Release] US Airways and American Airlines have announced that the boards of directors of both companies have unanimously approved a merger agreement.

Operating under the American Airlines name, the combined airline will offer benefits to both airlines’ customers, communities, employees, investors, and creditors.

The combined airline will operate under the American Airlines name

The combined airline will operate under the American Airlines name. Photo: Star Alliance

If the merger gains regulatory approval, US Airways will leave Star Alliance and the merged company will be a member of the oneworld alliance, of which American is a founding member. Until then, US Airways customers will continue to benefit from Star Alliance’s extensive route network.

Announcing the merger, Doug Parker, Chairman and CEO of US Airways, said, “Today marks an exciting new chapter for American Airlines and US Airways. American Airlines is one of the world’s most iconic brands. The combined airline will have the scale, breadth and capabilities to compete more effectively and profitably in the global marketplace.”

Until the merger is complete, American Airlines and US Airways will operate independently, and US remains a full member of Star Alliance. The results of regulatory review are not expected until some time in the third quarter. Star Alliance headquarters will be working with US in the interim to ensure a smooth transition for both US Airways customers and those of other Star Alliance members if the merger goes ahead as expected.

Doug Parker will serve as CEO of the merged airline and a member of the Board of Directors. Parker will assume the additional position of Chairman of the Board.

The combined airline will offer more than 6,700 daily flights to 336 destinations in 56 countries. The combined airline is expected to maintain all hubs currently served by American Airlines and US Airways. Both airlines expect that the regional carriers they own – AMR Corporation’s American Eagle and US Airways’ Piedmont and PSA – will continue to operate as distinct entities. The company will be headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth and will maintain a significant corporate and operational presence in Phoenix.

Doug Parker said, “I am particularly pleased for the employees of both US Airways and American. This merger will create a stronger company, with the path to improved compensation and benefits and greater long-term opportunities for all our employees. We are grateful to have the support of both companies’ unions and thank them and their leaders for their hard work and vision. We look forward to a bright future for our employees and enhanced service and choice for our customers. With today’s announcement, we start becoming one team and one new airline.”

The combined airline is planning to take delivery of more than 600 new aircraft, including 517 narrowbody aircraft and 90 widebody international aircraft, most of which will be equipped with advanced in-seat inflight entertainment systems offering thousands of hours of programming, inflight Wi-Fi offering connectivity throughout the world, and “Main Cabin Extra” seating with 4-6 inches of additional legroom in the Main Cabin. The combined carrier’s fleet will also feature fully lie-flat, all-aisle access premium seating on American’s new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and Airbus 321 Transcontinental deliveries slated for later this year. Similar to US Airways’ Airbus A330 international Envoy service, American will also retrofit existing 777-200 and 767-300 aircraft to include fully lie-flat premium seating in an effort to provide a consistent experience for customers flying on the combined carrier.

Customers can continue to book travel and track and manage flights and frequent flyer activity through or, and will continue to enjoy all benefits and rewards of the AAdvantage and Dividend Miles frequent flyer programmes. At this time, there are no changes to the frequent flyer programmes of either airline as a result of the merger agreement. All miles in both programmes will continue to be honoured. Upon merger approval, additional information will be provided to customers on any future programme updates, including account consolidation or benefit alignment.

Employees of the combined airline will benefit from being part of a company with a more competitive and stable financial foundation, which will create greater opportunities over the long term. Each carrier’s employees will receive reciprocal travel privileges as quickly as possible. The merger will also provide the path to improved compensation and benefits for employees.

The merger is conditioned on the approval by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, regulatory approvals, approval by US Airways shareholders, other customary closing conditions, and confirmation and consummation of the Plan. The combination is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2013.

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Star Alliance
4th June, 2013

[LBC] American Airlines (AA) has been forced to cancel dozens of flights so it can fix seats which could come loose on its fleet of Boeing 757 jets.

AA: Seat coming loose on its fleet of Boeing 757 jets.  Photo: Wikipedia

AA: Seat coming loose on its fleet of Boeing 757 jets. Photo: Wikipedia

The move is affecting thousands of passengers who were due to fly on almost 100 flights on Thursday and Friday. American says all the planes should be back in service by Saturday.

The decision to take 48 of its 757s out of service followed two separate incidents in which passenger seats came loose mid-flight.

An American Airlines flight from Boston to Miami was forced to make an emergency landing in New York on Saturday.

On Monday a second AA flight from New York to Miami returned to John F Kennedy International Airport after loose seats were discovered. No injuries were reported in either incident.

AA said both planes had recently undergone maintenance work that required seats to be removed and reinstalled.

“After further analysis by our engineering team, the company is taking additional preventative steps to enhance the locking mechanism features used to secure the seats to the aircraft floor,” AA said in a statement.

“American has instructed mechanics to pay particular attention to the seat lock plunger mechanism that secures the seat to the aircraft floor. Mechanics have begun taking steps necessary to ensure that no seat can become dislodged from its track.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is also looking into the incidents, which involved separate repair facilities.

The safety problems have added to a growing unease at the airline which has been hit by tensions with unions over cost-cutting and lay-offs since it filed for bankruptcy last November.

A recent spate of delays and cancellations have annoyed passengers, but aviation experts have warned just the hint of mechanical issues could frighten off customers and even threaten the airline’s existence…….

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[] US Airways on Friday took a step toward merging with bankrupt American Airlines as it reached agreements with American’s unions for pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics.US Airways on Friday took a step toward merging with bankrupt American Airlines as it reached agreements with American’s unions for pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics.

A US Airways-American merger would form the world's biggest airline. American opposes the plan.

A US Airways-American merger would form the world's biggest airline. American opposes the plan

The three unions, which represent about 55,000 American employees, announced their support of a merger, which would create the world’s largest airline under the American Airlines name.

American said it would continue its efforts to emerge from bankruptcy as a stand-alone company.

Philadelphia is one of US Airways’ three main hub cities and would remain a hub for the merged airline, according to US Airways chief executive Doug Parker.

“Our intention would be to put our two complementary networks together, maintaining both airlines’ existing hubs and aircraft, and create an airline that could compete successfully with United, Delta and other carriers within our industry,” Parker wrote in a letter to employees on Friday.

“We have concluded that a merger with American, while they are undergoing their bankruptcy restructuring, represents a unique opportunity that we should not ignore,” Parker wrote.

Parker said a merged airline would save at least 6,200 of 13,000 jobs that would be lost under American’s go-it-alone plan.

The unions oppose American’s plan to eliminate the 13,000 union jobs and cut labor costs to return to profitability. American is seeking to throw out contracts with the unions that govern pay, benefits and work rules, and impose its own terms on employees.

US Airways and the unions said they had agreed on terms for collective bargaining agreements if there is a merger between the airlines…..

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Sun, Apr. 22, 2012
By Paul Nussbaum, Inquirer Staff Writer

American Airlines will cut 1,200 airport baggage and cargo jobs and close an Arizona reservations center under a bankruptcy restructuring plan to trim annual labor spending by $1.25 billion.

“Not a single decision that affects a single employee was made lightly”

“Not a single decision that affects a single employee was made lightly”

Today’s announcement of new reductions means all of the carrier’s airport jobs in seven U.S. and two Canadian cities will be outsourced. AMR Corp’s American detailed changes for the nonunion group 11 weeks after telling other workers it would do away with 13,000 of their jobs, freeze pensions and make work-rule and benefit changes.

merican, the third-biggest U.S. carrier, will begin presenting testimony on April 23 to persuade a bankruptcy judge to let it void existing union contracts and impose new ones to secure the spending cuts. The request follows the Fort Worth, Texas-based airline’s failure to negotiate agreements with any of its unions. Talks can continue during the court hearings.

“Not a single decision that affects a single employee was made lightly,” the company said in a letter signed by Craig Kreeger, senior vice president for customer experience; Virasb Vahidi, senior vice president for marketing and planning; and Jim Ream, senior vice president for operations.

American’s goal to cut annual expenses 20 percent for each work group translates to a $95 million reduction for the 10,000 airport and cargo agents. Most of the changes will occur during the next 60 to 120 days, the airline said.

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By Mary Schlangenstein
Apr 18, 2012

Boeing’s 737 gets a makeover to add fuel efficiency.

The Boeing’s 737, a commercial jet that made its debut in 1968 and the one you’ve most likely flown on is getting a makeover to fit with the new demands of air travel in the 21st century.

Boeing 737 makeover to add fuel efficiency

Boeing 737 makeover to add fuel efficiency: USA Today Article

The new version, the 737 Max, which is scheduled to make its debut in 2017, is designed with new engines to burn less fuel than its three predecessors, to help airlines pare costs and leave less of a carbon footprint on the global environment.

But at its most basic, the Max will be the same 737 stalwart the traveling public has come to know the last 44 years. It’s a single-aisle jet that will ferry up to 215 passengers on both short and cross-country trips, and offer efficiency that’s helped make the 737 the best-selling commercial jet in history, with 9,745 sold.

“They’re known as the workhorse of the industry,” says Mike Van de Ven, COO of Southwest Airlines, which has exclusively flown 737s since the airline’s birth in 1971.

“It really beats the competition on fuel burn. It really beats the competition on reliability, and it really had a very effective maintenance program. And they just made that airplane better and better over the last 20 or 30 years.”

Southwest, which has the largest fleet of 737s in the world, with more than 550, is reaffirming its faith in Boeing and the 737 by ordering 150 Max jets. American Airlines is sold, too, having ordered 100 Max planes in July before seeking bankruptcy protection in November.

“There’s a lot of interest in our industry and among our customers in the next generation of aircraft,” says Virasb Vahidi, American’s chief commercial officer. “Customers see it as a better product and younger fleet, and airlines see it as an opportunity to lower our costs.”

A cheaper fuel bill could mean that rising airfares may not rise so quickly, say travel industry analysts.

“It hopefully will mean more stable pricing for consumers,” says Bryan Saltzburg, general manager of TripAdvisor flights. Lower costs for an airline, he says, “should transfer to the consumer pocketbook.”

Outfitted with new engines, the Max will use 10% to 12% less fuel than its most current Boeing peer, the Next-Generation 737, company officials say. That holds particular appeal for airlines, with jet fuel making up 25% to 40% of their costs, and whose profitability is threatened as the price of crude oil stays around $103 a barrel as it was on Friday…..

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By Charisse Jones

British Airways (BA) and American Airlines (AA) recently announced a new code share agreement on flights from London to five key Indian cities. Attributable to British Airways’ flight network, travellers can travel to global destinations through British Airway’s London hub.

Oneworld partners BA and American

Oneworld partners BA and American

This new codeshare agreement will provide British Airways’ Indian customers with more choices and greater connectivity when travelling on transatlantic routes. For travel commencing from March 29, 2012, the two airlines will code share on services from Heathrow to Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

British Airways customers will be able to book their whole journey on, earn frequent flyer points on the code share routes, gain access to shared other’s airport lounges and enjoy combined outstanding customer service and support from both airlines.

“India remains one of our most important long-haul destinations and this code share service with American Airlines will serve as the perfect complement to our existing European routes providing customer access to US, Canada & Mexico.” said Christopher Fordyce, British Airways Regional Commercial Manager- South Asia, British Airways PLC.

Kenji Hashimoto, American’s Vice President – Strategic Alliances added, “This new code share relationship will give our customers extra options and easier access to India while enjoying the excellent service British Airways has to offer. Adding convenience for our joint customers is one of our primary goals and our network is able to grow because of this new codeshare agreement.”

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012
By TBM Staff | Mumbai

Oneworld partner B and American

International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (IAG), owner of British Airways, may buy a stake in American Airlines to pre-empt a similar move by a rival, the Sunday Times reported, without saying how it obtained the information.

IAG has been prompted to consider the step as US Airways Group Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc. also may bid for U.S.-based American, according to the report. William Walsh, IAG’s chief executive officer, is weighing several options, the Times said.

Laura Goodes, a spokeswoman for IAG, declined to comment when reached today by phone.