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[Sky News] Billed as one of the most technically advanced airports in the world, the German capital‘s delayed new hub has a fresh glitch.

The airport site has no means to switch the lights off, officials have confessed.

The airport site has no means to switch the lights off, officials have confessed. Photo: Wikipedia

Berlin’s troubled new airport has been plagued with delays and now has a fresh technical hang-up – no-one can turn the lights off.

While the German capital has experienced one of the bleakest winters on record, there is no lack of light in Schonefeld where the new airport is being built.

The terminal lights burn around the clock because the workers on site have no means to switch them off, officials have confessed.

“It has to do with the fact that we haven’t progressed far enough with our lighting system that we can control it,” Horst Amann, the airport’s technical director, told Spiegel Online.

Planned to replace Tegel and Schonefeld airports in 2011, Berlin Brandenburg Airport – also to be known as Willy Brandt Airport – has been under construction since September 2005.

But a catalogue of technical glitches, design errors and concerns about safety equipment has delayed its opening to the point where officials dare not give a date for its completion for fear of another deadline being broken.

“I will only name a date when I can take responsibility for it,” added Mr Amann.

The cost of the project has also risen from around 2bn euros (£1.7bn) to…..

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Sky News
1st Mar, 2013


[The Local] Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer has admitted that the much-delayed new Berlin BER international airport may miss its October 2013 opening deadline, yet indirectly criticised the capital’s mayor for the continuing fiasco. 

Initially the airport's opening date was set for 30 October 2011. In June 2010

Initially the airport’s opening date was set for 30 October 2011. In June 2010. Photo: Wikipedia

“The co-owner, the federal government, sees signs that the opening date of October 27, 2013 might possibly not be met,” Ramsauer told Die Welt newspaper on Wednesday.

The state governments of Brandenburg and Berlin are the other two owners of the airport which is being built to replace the Schönefeld and Tegel airports, and was last expected to open in the summer.

The latest official reason for the non-opening of the airport was that the fire warning system was not working, and Ramsauer said many tests were still needed to see whether it was now going to function.

He said the BER supervisory board, chaired by Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit, was responsible for the management of the project – but also that they were reliant on the managers providing all necessary information.

The main problem with the project has been that, “not all decisive facts have been laid on the table of the supervisory board,” said Ramsauer.

Yet the transport minister, who is also responsible for construction, said such problems were not unique to publicly-run projects. “Public and private building contractors cook with the same water – both give out contracts to companies,” he said.

“There are botches, delays and cost increases. That does not excuse anything for public projects, but one should not make it worse than it is,” he said.

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The Local
26th Dec, 2012

[Global Airport Cities] The opening of Berlin‘s newest airport, Brandenburg, has now been delayed for a further 7 months in addition to previous opening delays announced earlier in the year.

A further 7 months delay to the opening of the airport will cost €1.2BN.  Photo: Wikipedia

A further 7 months delay to the opening of the airport will cost €1.2BN. Photo: Wikipedia

Horst Amann, the new chief operating officer (COO) of Berlin Airport, has announced that the ammended opening date for the long awaited Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (BER), has now been set for 27 October 2013.

The new date is seven months later than the previously revised opening date of 17 March 2013, and 16 months later than the originally intended grand opening in June 2012.

The airport authority said that the delays will cost the gateway an additional €1.2 billion by the time it does finally open.

The scheduled opening of Berlin-Brandenburg Airport – designed to replace Tegel Airport in western Berlin and Schoenefeld Airport in the east – on June 3 this year was scrapped just weeks before due to problems with fire safety systems.

The airport authorities said this was due to “safety concerns”, and in particular that the completion of the fire safety systems, and their subsequent structural approval, could no longer be accomplished in time.

At the time airport authorities then aimed for a date of 17 March, 2013, but this also became unrealistic given the need for fresh planning and testing.

According to Amann, the first priority was to “finalise all remaining actions plans”, with construction works due to resume in the autumn.

Construction should then be concluded by summer 2013, so that the official approval procedures can be finalised in time for a trial period of several months, he added.

Presenting his findings to the airport’s Supervisory Board, Amann said that……

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Global Airport Cities
19th Sept, 2012

[Reuters] Deutsche Lufthansa plans to seek large compensation payments from Berlin airport.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport will not open on 3 June as planned due to insufficient fire-prevention safeguards

Berlin Brandenburg Airport will not open on 3 June as planned due to insufficient fire-prevention safeguards.  Photo: Wikipedia

May 13 (Reuters) – It’s seeking the monies from the operators of Berlin‘s newest airport as the delayed opening in Germany’s capital city may inflict unforeseen costs on the country’s biggest airline, Die Welt reported, citing executive board member Carsten Spohr.

Costs will include spending on training additional staff needed to handle an expected increase in passenger volumes at Tegel airport, Spohr was quoted as saying in an interview.

Tegel will stay open after a decision this week by Berlin operators to delay the opening of the city’s new airport, scheduled for June 3, until…..

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Sun May 13, 2012