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[Airport Informer] There are no words that we can add to report on this outrage today, other than to say that our thoughts remain with all of those directly and indirectly affected this morning. 

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by this tradegy

    Our thoughts are with all of those affected by this tradegy.


Airport Informer
22nd March, 2016



[] British Airways stands to strengthen its grip on Heathrow by gaining the right to buy a large chunk of take-off and landing slots at the airport, as part of proposals Ryanair is offering European regulators to seek approval for its contentious takeover of Aer Lingus.

Ryanair is trying to secure regulatory approval for its third takeover bid for the Irish flag carrier.

Ryanair is trying to secure regulatory approval for its third takeover bid for the Irish flag carrier. Photo: Wikipedia

The UK flag carrier, the largest airline at Heathrow, has struck a deal with Ryanair to purchase more than 85 per cent of Aer Lingus’s slots at the airport, which are currently used to provide services to Dublin, Shannon and Cork, said three people familiar with the agreement between Ryanair and British Airways.

Heathrow is running at near full capacity, so the opportunity to buy Aer Lingus’s slots at the airport could provide British Airways with an important means to eventually expand its long-haul services

Last month, the European Commission objected to Ryanair’s bid on competition grounds. The commission prohibited Ryanair’s first bid for Aer Lingus in 2007, and Brussels has never cleared a merr that it previously rejected.

British Airways is offering to take responsibility for many of Aer Lingus’s services out of Heathrow for at least three years.

With British Airways operating these services, Ryanair is privately saying that a combined Ryanair-Aer Lingus would not be dominant on those routes, said people familiar with the Irish budget carrier’s stance.

However, British Airways would run these services in place of Aer Lingus for between three and five years – after that it would have the right to buy the Irish flag carrier’s Heathrow slots and reallocate them to different destinations, such as New York.

Aer Lingus is the third-largest airline at Heathrow, and British Airways would be able to purchase up to 20 pairs of slots for daily flights that are held by the Irish flag carrier at the airport…….

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Financial Times
By Andrew Parker in London and Alex Barker in Brussels
Dec 14th, 2012

Ryanair today said it has evidence that the European Commission discriminates against low-cost airlines.

At a press conference this morning, chief executive Michael O’Leary released copies of e-mails received from Amex, the commission’s travel agency confirming that it is not allowed to book low cost flights or reimburse travel expenses to and from Brussels Charleroi airport.


Ryanair seeks end to 'travel ban' by EU Commission

Ryanair seeks end to 'travel ban' by EU Commission

Ryanair also released a letter from the commission’s director for administration and Payment which stated “It is true that the terms of this contract do prevent Amex from booking tickets with ‘low-cost’ airlines.”

The airline has called on the commission to explain its policy and to end the ban on budget carriers.

Mr O’Leary first learned of the policy when he was invited by the commission to be a guest speaker at a conference last year. He was informed then that he could not be booked on a Ryanair flight to Charleroi, where the airline has a hub, and was offered a ticket on Aer Lingus to Zaventem, the main airport in Brussels.

Lawyers for Ryanair filed a formal complaint with the European Court of Auditors earlier this month, asking it to assess “the legality, regularity and financial soundness” of the travel policy…..

Full story from the Irish Times…. Thursday, March 29, 2012