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[] London Heathrow airport chief executive officer Colin Matthews is to stand down later this year.

Colin Matthews has been at the helm since March 2008. Image: BBC News 

Matthews joined the airport in March 2008 and under his leadership the proportion of passengers rating their journey through Heathrow as good or excellent increased from less than 50% to more than 75%.

Terminal 5 has been voted by passengers as the world’s best airport terminal for the past three years and the airport has constructed the new T2 which is set to open in June.

London Heathrow was also official gateway for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the option for a third runway was shortlisted in December 2013 by the Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission.

Matthews said: “It has been a privilege to serve as CEO of Heathrow for the last six years. With a strong leadership team, the company continues to raise standards of passenger service, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The opening of terminal two: The Queen’s Terminal in June this year is a further important step in the transformation of Heathrow and long-term prospects are bright following the decision of the airport’s Commission to shortlist our proposal for a new runway.

So once terminal two has opened later this year, I have decided the time is right to pass on the baton.”

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31st March, 2014

Andrew Pentol

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[BBC NewsHeathrow Airport has unveiled three options for a new runway, saying each one would be “quicker and cheaper” than plans for a rival hub airport.

One of the airport's preferred options is to have a runway to the south-west of the existing airport

One of the airport’s preferred options is to have a runway to the south-west of the existing airport.  Image: Heathrow Airport

The airport’s submission to the Davies Commission, which is looking at raising airport capacity, outlined a runway to the north, north-west or south-west of the existing airport.

It said a new runway could be in place by 2029, allowing 260,000 more flights.


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London Mayor Boris Johnson said such an expansion would be “disastrous”.

‘Global hub status’

According to Heathrow’s submission, building a new runway would deliver extra capacity at the airport by 2025-29 and would allow it to operate 740,000 flights a year – up from the current limit of 480,000.

The plans would “maintain the UK’s global hub status for the foreseeable future” and “protect the thriving businesses and plentiful jobs that surround Heathrow”, it said.

Heathrow’s preferred option would be to place a new runway to the north-west or the south-west of the airport.

This would “deliver a full-length third runway while minimising the impact on the local community”.

The submission also detailed how a new westerly runway would help reduce noise pollution because planes would not have to fly so low over London.

It predicted that, even with a third runway, there would be 10-20% fewer people affected by noise under its new plans.

The option of building north of the airport would be the quickest and cheapest, the airport acknowledged – but it would also be the noisiest and have the biggest impact on residential property.

Heathrow expansion options

Heathrow expansion options

Each of the options would mean the compulsory purchase of some properties and some property demolitions, as well as potentially major work on the M25.

The submission also outlined the need for a sixth terminal at Heathrow as part of the plans – which would enable the airport to handle 130m passengers a year, rather than the current figure of 70m.

‘Flying pigs’

Heathrow chief executive Colin Matthews said: “After half a century of vigorous debate but little action, it is clear the UK desperately needs a …….

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BBC News
17th July, 2013

[Airport Informer) In a note to the Star Alliance airlines group, CEO of Heathrow Airport Colin Matthews has confirmed that the new terminal currently referred to as Terminal 2 will be given a royal title.

Heathrow's Newest Terminal, Terminal Two will be known as the Queen's Terminal.

Heathrow’s Newest Terminal will be known as Terminal Two: The Queen’s Terminal. Image: Heathrow Airport

Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal

Today, on the day before the Queen celebrates her official birthday, we are announcing that our new Terminal 2 will be known as ‘Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal’, in honour of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Nearly sixty years after the Queen opened the original terminal 2 we’re delighted that she has kindly agreed to give her name to our new terminal.

Terminal 2 has a regal past. The original building was the first passenger terminal at the airport, opened in1955 by the Queen. During fifty-five years of operation over 300 million passengers passed through it. The original terminal was closed in November 2009 and demolished to make way for the construction of a new Terminal 2 designed around the passenger.

 Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal will open on 4th June 2014, and Heathrow is proud to continue Her Majesty’s long association with the airport:

 1952: The former Princess Elizabeth returned to Heathrow as Queen Elizabeth II, after her father, George VI, died whilst she was touring Kenya.

 1955: Queen Elizabeth II opened Heathrow’s first permanent passenger terminal, the Europa Building, which was later renamed Terminal 2, as well as the Queen’s Building and the airport’s original control tower.

 1969: Her Majesty formally inaugurated Terminal 1

 1977: Queen Elizabeth II unveiled the London Underground connection between central London and Heathrow – the first link of its kind to connect a capital city with its major airport.

 2008: Terminal 5 was opened by Her Majesty.

 2012: A giant Union Flag with an image of Queen Elizabeth II was painted next to Heathrow’s northern runway to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

The new Heathrow Terminal 2 is designed to provide a great experience even before take-off.

The new Heathrow Terminal 2 is designed to provide a great experience even before take-off. Image: Heathrow Airport

The terminal is the next major step in the transformation of Heathrow, and will continue the progress the airport has made in recent years with the opening of Terminal 5 and the refurbishment of Terminals 1, 3 and 4. £11bn has been spent on the airport over the last decade and passenger satisfaction scores now rank Heathrow as among the world’s very best large airports…..

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The Airport Informer
14th May 2013

[BBC NewsHeathrow has said that it handled 70 million passengers in 2012, the highest number on record, as the crowded airport saw bigger and fuller planes.

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world.Photo: Airport Informer

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world. Photo: Airport Informer

Numbers rose 0.9% from 2011, with 3.2% growth in its staple North Atlantic business, and traffic to the Far East and Brazil boosted by new routes.

December was also a record month at the airport, with China traffic up 23%.

But the growth in passenger numbers during 2012 was balanced by a 1.3% drop in cargo passing through the airport.

Heathrow has been operating close to official full capacity for several years.

Besides the spare capacity freed up by cargo, the airport said that the higher passenger numbers had been due to an increase in the aircraft load factor – a measure of how full planes are – from 75.2% to 75.6%, as well as in average aircraft size from 194.8 seats to 197.4.

It meant that the average plane flying through Heathrow was carrying almost 2% more passengers in 2012 than the year before.

The distribution of traffic across different destinations last year reflected the changing fortunes of various countries’ economies:

  • Passenger numbers to Brazil rose 21.6%, due to an increase in the number of flights
  • East Asia rose 6.2% in the year, in part due to recovery from Japan’s 2011 tsunami, and climbed by 14.8% in December from a year earlier as new routes opened
  • The recession-struck eurozone economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain saw a collective 4.5% drop in traffic in 2012
  • Middle Eastern passenger numbers rebounded 3.4% as the political situation in most of the region stabilised
  • Passenger numbers to India and Africa fell, as routes shifted away from these regions in favour of higher-growth developing economies

“The figures for 2012 show Heathrow is delivering higher passenger numbers despite a tough economic climate,” said Heathrow chief executive Colin Matthews.

“At the same time, passenger satisfaction levels reached record levels.”

he airport is due to complete the reconstruction of Terminal 2 in 2014, which will increase the number of passengers it can handle, but not…..

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BBC News
15th Jan, 2013

[This is MoneyBAA ditches name to be ‘Heathrow‘ after sell-off of stakes in Gatwick and  Edinburgh.

The company insisted there would be no changes to its management structure

The company insisted there would be no changes to its management structure. Photo: Wikipedia

BAA is changing its name to Heathrow. The  Spanish-owned company that runs some of the UK’s airports said it will be known  as after its largest airport because it no longer represents a large number of  UK terminals.

In 2009, competition authorities forced it to  sell its stakes in Gatwick and Edinburgh, and it has also agreed to offload the  London-serving airport Stansted.

After the rebranding, the group’s other  airports – Glasgow, Southampton and Aberdeen – will also become standalone  brands.

The company insisted there would be no  changes to its management structure, and no redundancies as part of the process.

But it warned there would be delays in  removing its BAA-emblazoned signs from terminals, as well as issuing staff with  uniforms free of its previous insignia.

BAA could not put a time frame on completing  re-branding. The company also said it does not have a figure for how much the  move will cost.

Chief executive Colin Matthews said: ‘The BAA  name no longer fits. We do not represent all British airports. We are not  a……

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This is Money
16th Oct, 2012

[Press Association] Bosses of Heathrow are on their marks to cope with one of the busiest-ever days at the west London airport when thousands of athletes fly off after the end of the Olympics.

Heathrow staff car park converted to special Games terminal to check-in athletes returning home. Picture:  Evening Standard

Heathrow staff car park converted to special Games terminal to check-in athletes returning home. Picture: Evening Standard

A specially-constructed Games terminal will be in operation on Monday when 116,000 people in total will be leaving Heathrow.

The Games terminal is for athletes only, with around 6,000 departing from Heathrow on Monday.

The size of three Olympic swimming pools, the special terminal has 31 check-in desks and seven security lanes.

Athletes will have the opportunity to check-in their bags at the Olympic Village in east London.

Athletes are expected to depart with more than three bags per person, including outsize sporting equipment.

Their bags will be taken to Heathrow and be processed through the baggage system overnight on Sunday to relieve the pressure on the airport on Monday.

Athletes will arrive at the Games terminal on Monday by coach, where they will be treated to a special London-themed send-off, the details of which Heathrow operator BAA is keeping a closely-guarded secret.

No aircraft will depart from the Games terminal. Instead, athletes will take an airside coach to their final departure point where they will mingle with regular passengers as they wait for their flight.

Athletes will be clapped into each terminal by a guard of honour made up of Heathrow volunteers.

After three days of operation the terminal will be decommissioned and the site returned to its original use as a staff car park.

BAA chief executive Colin Matthews said: “Heathrow is proud of the part we have played in making London 2012 a success. We hope that Olympic athletes, spectators and officials enjoyed a great welcome to London.

“Olympic departures present a fresh challenge with new facilities like the Games terminal being used for the first time. We have been preparing for seven years to deliver a farewell of which the whole country can be proud.”

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UKPA/Evening Standard
10th August 2012

[Airport Informer] This afternoon Philip Langsdale resigned from his post as Chief Information Officer at BAA Heathrow Airport to move to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Colin Matthews, CEO of Heathrow said earlier: "This is a great opportunity for Philip"

Only days after giving a keynote speeech on the future on the IT investment strategy for BAA in Heathrow, Philip Langsdale is leaving the company.

Philip Langsdale gave 2012’s Appleton Lecture at the Institute of Engineering and Technology and explained the systems that Heathrow needed to make the airport run smoothly.

The CIO of the world’s busiest airport announced that £1.5 billion was to be sunk into improving real-time and decision-making software systems at Heathrow.

In a note to community members this afternnon Colin Matthews, Chief Executive of Heathrow said,

“I am sorry to confirm that after 4 years with BAA as Chief Information Officer, Philip Langsdale is leaving us to take on the role of Chief Information Officer at the Department for Work and Pensions.”

“This is a great opportunity for Philip and we are certainly proud that he has been chosen to take on this big and important task”,  he continued.

“I would like to thank Philip for his great contribution to improving IT at BAA with a firm focus of making every journey better for our passengers. Also for his exceptional work in leading the winter resilience programme”.

“Philip will be leaving at the end of August. An announcement will be made in due course about his successor”.

“Along with my Executive team, colleagues in IT and across our airports I know you join me in wishing Philip the very best in his new role and thank him for his work here at BAA”.

Philip Langsdale Said, “I would like to share the following announcement that Colin Matthews sent out internally today regarding my future”.Note

The announcement was signed by Philip Langsdale and in summing up Langsdale added,

“I will of course keep you fully informed of any changes as a result of this announcement over the coming months.

I won’t be going for some time, so will say my goodbyes to you face-to-face in due course.”

Reporting by Chris Newman
For the Airport Informer
14th May, 202

[Telegraph] Foreign airlines are “voting with their feet” and building networks outside of   the UK due to the Government’s paralysis on aviation policy, ministers will   be warned on Wednesday.

A survey by the Board of Airline Representatives in the UK shows that 86pc of airlines would introduce more flights to the UK if a greater number of take-off and landing slots were made available at Heathrow Photo: Getty Images

A survey by the Board of Airline Representatives in the UK shows that 86pc of airlines would introduce more flights to the UK if a greater number of take-off and landing slots were made available at Heathrow Photo: Getty Images

BAA boss Colin Matthews will unveil new research at a conference in London,   showing 53pc of airlines are increasing their flights out of other countries   due to the severe capacity restraints at Heathrow.

The airports boss will renew his warning that the UK is losing out on vital   investment and jobs due to the Government’s lack of support for expanding   capacity at Britain’s only hub airport.

A survey by the Board of Airline Representatives in the UK – an organisation   that represents 84 global airlines – shows that 86pc would introduce more   flights to the UK if a greater number of take-off and landing slots were   made available at Heathrow.

Publication of the Government’s much-anticipated aviation White Paper, due by   the end of March, has been delayed until the summer, frustrating airline and   airport bosses who warn ministers need to urgently address the crippling   “capacity crunch” in the South East of England.

Speaking at the Transport Times conference in London, Mr Matthews will say:   “These figures show that it is a mistake to believe that flights displaced   from Heathrow will automatically fly to Stansted, Gatwick or Birmingham   instead.

“The message I hear from airlines is clear: if there’s no room at Heathrow   then flights will move out of the UK altogether.

“Instead of Britain taking the lead in forging new links with growing   economies like China, we are handing economic growth to our competitors by   turning away airlines who want to bring jobs, growth and trade to the UK.”

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By Nathalie Thomas
18 Apr 2012