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[Telegraph] London hubs experienced the most flight delays among airports in Britain between July and September last year, with nearly a third of passengers (31 per cent) delayed at the capital’s five airports last summer, new figures from the Civil Aviation Authority reveal.

A runway at Gatwick Airport, the worst for summer delays

A runway at Gatwick Airport, the worst for summer delays

Gatwick was the worst, with 43 per cent of its summer flights departing at least 15 minutes behind schedule, followed by Luton and Heathrow, ranked second and fourth worst overall, respectively.

Stansted and London City Airport fared best among London airports, finishing in 10th and 19th place, while Jersey and Manchester rounded out the top five UK airports with the most delays in the third quarter of last year.

Britain’s airports had its busiest summer ever, with more than 78 million passengers passing through one during the three summer months. The result was the worst flight punctuality of any summer period since 2010.

On-time flight performance dropped three per cent to 73 per cent, while the average delay time per flight across the 24 airports surveyed was 15 minutes, a one-minute increase on the same period in 2014.

“Airlines are accommodating the continuing strong passenger demand by carrying the extra passengers on larger aircraft, rather than increasing the number of flights significantly,” said Tim Johnson, CAA Policy Director.

“The strong passenger demand and a……

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The Telegraph
9th March, 2016



[Sky News] Passengers are told to contact their airlines for the latest information after the runway is shut for over an hour to all flights.

Image: Sky News Site

At least 19 incoming flights were diverted and dozens more delayed following a suspected oil spillage on the runway at London’s Gatwick Airport.

No planes were allowed to land or take off from around 10.15am on Monday until the runway reopened just over an hour later.

The airport urged passengers to check for an update on individual flights directly with their airlines.

An airport spokesman said “Arriving and departing flights recommenced from Gatwick at 11.38am.

“The runway closure has caused some flights to be diverted to other airports in the area and there will be delays to some departing flights

“Friends and family waiting for passengers should contact the relevant airline for the latest information.”

Details of the spillage, and its cause, were not disclosed, but reports suggested oil had leaked from a jet on landing.

Some passengers complained about…..

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Sky News
29th February, 2016

[Der Telegraaf]  KLM faces running with a major IT failure this morning. The airlines website is down or is running very slowly. Travelers with the airline are having problems booking flights and checking-in at Amsterdam airport and at other sites in the KLM network.

KLM has announced that it is doing all it can to resolve the fault.  Picture: Wikipedia

KLM has announced that it is doing all it can to resolve the fault. Picture: Wikipedia

As a result of the systems failure, all domestic, European and international flights operated by KLM are delayed.

KLM has announced that it is doing all it can to resolve the issue and find a solution but can still give no indication when the difficulties will be fixed. Passengers and all those affected are being directed to visit the KLM Facebook or Twitter sites to get an update from the airline.

Schiphol Airport has also indicated that inbound and outbound traffic for all airlines to and from the airport is also being affected, this has resulted in passenger processing delays of around of at least 30 to 35 minutes.

As for KLM flights, a spokesperson indicated that there are minimum delays to its schedule of around 60 to 90 minutes.

Presently it is not known what has caused the failure, but it is possible that the problems at KLM are linked to a large number of inter-connected systems in the Netherlands that have been recently affected by a new and virilant computer virus.

At least 20 institutions, including public concerns and private companies, plus universities are affected.

The virus has entered systems undetected by anti-virus software provided by companies such as McAfee and Symantec. The virus is thought to propagate itself through email files, then spreads to the core systems under attack.

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Der Telegraaf
9th August 2012

[Times of India] NEW DELHI: There is no end to uncertainty in sight for passengers scheduled to fly Air India’s international flights.

The airline has sent doctors to some homes of the 160 pilots who have reported sick.  Photo: Wikipedia

The airline has sent doctors to some homes of the 160 pilots who have reported sick. Photo: Wikipedia

With aviation minister Ajit Singh terming the strike of erstwhile AI pilots ‘illegal’ and saying appropriate action would be taken, the management on Tuesday sacked 10 agitating pilots and derecognized Nationalist Congress Party-backed union, Indian Pilots Guild (IPG).

The airline has asked the agitating pilots to report to work by Tuesday evening. It also started sending doctors to the homes of some of the 160 pilots who have reported sick and are abstaining from flying since Monday night. Sources say that the number of layoffs could rise as the government is in no mood to buckle under IPG’s pressure.

ut the IPG, which is led by Maharashtra NCP MLA Jitendra Ahwad, is unrelenting. “The derecognition of IPG is undemocratic and just shows that the management is biased against erstwhile AI. Pilots of erstwhile Indian Airlines have gone on several strikes in the recent past but was their union, Indian Commercial Pilots Association, ever derecognized?” Ahwad, who holds a commercial pilots’ licence but is not a……

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May 8, 2012

KUWAIT: A sandstorm which hit Kuwait Tuesday resulted in an error in the instrument landing system (ILS) at the Kuwait International Airport.

Aviation traffic for arriving planes stopped completely for almost two hours

Aviation traffic for arriving planes stopped completely for almost two hours

The incident forced seven flights to be diverted to Dammam in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, says a report quoting a source with knowledge of the issue.

“Aviation traffic for arriving planes stopped completely for almost two hours during the sandstorms, which caused the ILS to go out of order”, said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) insider who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The system helps planes land in poor weather conditions.

On Tuesday, the sandstorm rendered visibility to 500 meters, a range the source said would still enable planes to land safely if the ILS was working properly.

“The fact that seven planes had to change route is further proof that the system was out of order”, he said. The DGCA Operations Manager, Essam Al-Zamel, confirmed that aviation traffic for arriving planes stopped between 7:25 AM and 9:35 AM on Tuesday, but departing planes flew normally.

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Source: Al-Qabas
Wednesday 11th April 2012

Holidaymakers face months of prolonged delays getting back into the country because of a shortage of immigration officers and tighter checks, it has emerged.

Passengers face threat of long immigraion delays

Passengers face threat of long immigraion delays Photo: ALAMY

Already it is not uncommon for EU passengers to spend more than an hour to clear checkpoints staffed by the UK Border Agency. Their plight is likely to get worse as the summer unfolds, with the Immigration Service Union predicting that delays could reach three to four hours at busiest times, especially for those not carrying EU passports.

Earlier this month The Daily Telegraph disclosed that airports and airlines have warned the UK Border Agency of chaos because of staff shortages. According to the Immigration Service Union the chaos could begin over the summer, partly because the Agency’s fixed rostering system takes no account of passenger flows.

In addition the Home Office is planning to cut the size of the workforce at a time when stricter controls are being used.

The time taken to process passengers has already been lengthened by the introduction of scanning machines by the last Government which has added about 10 seconds to the time needed to screen every arrival

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5:46PM BST 08 Apr 2012