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[] British Airways stands to strengthen its grip on Heathrow by gaining the right to buy a large chunk of take-off and landing slots at the airport, as part of proposals Ryanair is offering European regulators to seek approval for its contentious takeover of Aer Lingus.

Ryanair is trying to secure regulatory approval for its third takeover bid for the Irish flag carrier.

Ryanair is trying to secure regulatory approval for its third takeover bid for the Irish flag carrier. Photo: Wikipedia

The UK flag carrier, the largest airline at Heathrow, has struck a deal with Ryanair to purchase more than 85 per cent of Aer Lingus’s slots at the airport, which are currently used to provide services to Dublin, Shannon and Cork, said three people familiar with the agreement between Ryanair and British Airways.

Heathrow is running at near full capacity, so the opportunity to buy Aer Lingus’s slots at the airport could provide British Airways with an important means to eventually expand its long-haul services

Last month, the European Commission objected to Ryanair’s bid on competition grounds. The commission prohibited Ryanair’s first bid for Aer Lingus in 2007, and Brussels has never cleared a merr that it previously rejected.

British Airways is offering to take responsibility for many of Aer Lingus’s services out of Heathrow for at least three years.

With British Airways operating these services, Ryanair is privately saying that a combined Ryanair-Aer Lingus would not be dominant on those routes, said people familiar with the Irish budget carrier’s stance.

However, British Airways would run these services in place of Aer Lingus for between three and five years – after that it would have the right to buy the Irish flag carrier’s Heathrow slots and reallocate them to different destinations, such as New York.

Aer Lingus is the third-largest airline at Heathrow, and British Airways would be able to purchase up to 20 pairs of slots for daily flights that are held by the Irish flag carrier at the airport…….

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Financial Times
By Andrew Parker in London and Alex Barker in Brussels
Dec 14th, 2012

[Washington Post] DUBLIN — Aer Lingus welcomed a court victory Tuesday that permits British authorities to keep investigating Ryanair over its ownership of a 30 percent stake in Aer Lingus, a sore point between Ireland’s two major carriers.

Ryanair said it would appeal Tuesday’s judgment to the UK Supreme Court. Photo: Wikipedia

Ryanair said it would appeal Tuesday’s judgment to the UK Supreme Court. Photo: Wikipedia

Ryanair sought to block the probe into whether its status as the No. 1 shareholder in Aer Lingus represents a threat to competition on British-Irish air services. Ryanair lawyers argued that Britain’s Office of Fair Trading had no jurisdiction to investigate two Dublin-based airlines, and that the probe launched in 2010 came too late.But the Court of Appeal in London sided with the Office of Fair Trading and Aer Lingus, which wants Ryanair to be forced to sell. Ryanair built its stake as part of a hostile 2006 takeover bid that was blocked both by European Union regulators and Ireland’s government, which retains a 25 percent stake.

Ryanair said it would appeal Tuesday’s judgment to the UK Supreme Court.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary says he expects eventually to purchase the government’s stake to take control of Aer Lingus because of Ireland’s rapid descent to the brink of bankruptcy, culminating in a……

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By Associated Press
Tuesday, May 22

[The Journal] Emirates has introduced a larger aircraft on its DublinDubai route to cater for increased passenger demand, two months ahead of its scheduled introduction.

The expansion of the Dublin route comes amid a year of major expansion for the airline

The Boeing 777-300 was due to be rolled out on the daily route from July, but has been introduced from last week in order to cater for higher-than-expected demand for seats on the route.

The service began operation with an Airbus A330-200, with space for 237 passengers, on January 9, but Emirates announced within three weeks of that launch that it would roll out the larger Boeing craft from July.

From May 1, however, the larger Boeing craft – which also increases the storage capacity for luggage, from 15 tonnes to 25 – has been running on the route in order to satisfy the demand.

Emirates’ senior vice-president for commercial operations in Europe and Russia, Salem Obaidalla, said the airline had continued to be impressed by the ”phenomenal performance” of the new service.

“Now, Ireland has one of the largest aircraft in our fleet and we can now offer 52 per cent more seats.”

The airline has previously said that the capacity offered by the Airbus craft, which allowed 3,318 people to travel from Dublin to Dubai and back each week, would usually be enough to cater for the first two or three years of a new route.

By comparison, the Boeing craft will mean a weekly capacity of 5,040 on flights to and from Dubai. Emirates runs one flight in……

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8th May, 2012

[AFP Paris] Etihad Airways, the United Arab Emirates carrier said Tuesday it has acquired a 2.987 per cent stake in Irish airline Aer Lingus.

About 8.3 million passengers traveled on Etihad Airways last year: (Al Arabiya News)

About 8.3 million passengers traveled on Etihad Airways last year: (Al Arabiya News)

Etihad said the “purchase reflected its desire to forge a commercial partnership with the Irish national carrier,” adding that “a possible partnership could produce significant commercial benefits for both airlines.”

The airline did not give financial details of the deal nor say where it had acquired the shares from. The Irish government holds 25 percent of Aer Lingus but earlier this year said it wanted to sell its stake.

Low-cost pioneer Ryanair has a 29-percent stake in its Irish rival.

Aer Lingus said in a separate statement that Etihad had agreed not to increase its holding in the company without prior discussions between the two. Additionally, it said that the two airlines were discussing the possibility of code-sharing, talks which might be extended to include shared purchases so as to save costs.

Etihad operates 10 flights a week from Abu Dhabi to Dublin and has carried more than 750,000 passengers between the two capitals since it began flying the route in July, 2007.

It has boosted its profile in Ireland and recently renewed its sponsorship of the Gaelic Athletic Association, which promotes Irish traditional sports, in a five-year deal.

Etihad, which is owned by the Abu Dhabi government, carried 8.3 million passengers last year and serves 84 passenger and cargo destinations in the…..

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By AFP, Paris
1st May ,2012

…. but it turns out to be a mobile phone charging in the toilet.

A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger left their mobile phone charging in the toilet – triggering fears it was a bomb.

A U.S-bound Boeing 767 touches down at Dublin airport

The U.S-bound Delta Air Lines flight diverted to Dublin yesterday due to a ‘possible security situation’ after the device was found plugged into a socket, the company said.

The Boeing 767-300, which was carrying 208 passengers from Istanbul, Turkey, was later cleared by Dublin Airport officials to continue its journey to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

Irish Aviation Authority spokeswoman Lilian Cassin said the plane touched down safely at around 4pm and was diverted to an isolated corner of the runway after the pilot requested an emergency landing.

Officers from Ireland’s national police force, the Garda Siochana, boarded the plane, spoke to the pilot about the nature of the suspected bomb and asked any passenger missing their phone to come forward.

One came forward to say they had decided to charge the phone using the restroom’s socket for shavers and left it there, wrapped up in its charging cord.

Another passenger using the restroom reported it might be a bomb.

Police said nobody was hurt or arrested as a result of Monday’s security alert, and the Dublin Airport Authority said no other flights were affected.

Delta spokesman Anthony Black said the aircraft had 208 passengers and 11 crew members.

He said the aircraft was refuelled before continuing its journey…..

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PUBLISHED:  17 April 2012