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[The Indian Express] Amid great fanfare, Boeing has rolled out the first 787 Dreamliner aircraft produced at its brand new plant in South Carolina and built for Air India to be delivered in mid-2012.

"This is a proud moment for Boeing as we roll out an airplane from our third final assembly site," Jim Albaugh, president and chief executive officer,

"This is a proud moment for Boeing as we roll out an airplane from our third final assembly site," Jim Albaugh, president & CEO: Picture thanks to Eric Prado via Flickr

The airplane’s rollout marks the first time that a Boeing commercial airplane has been produced in the Southeastern United States, the US aerospace giant said.

“This is a proud moment for Boeing as we roll out an airplane from our third final assembly site,” Jim Albaugh, president and chief executive officer, Commercial Airplanes said yesterday at the function held in North Charleston.

The 787 airplane built for Air India next goes to the flight line, where it will go through systems checks and engine runs in advance of taxi testing and first flight.

The airplane remains on schedule for delivery to Air India in mid-2012, Boeing said in a statement.

While Air India has ordered 27 of these new planes, Jet Airways has placed orders for ten. The national carrier is expected to get at least three of these air-planes this year.

The long-haul aircraft made of composite materials like carbon fibre, is portrayed as fuel-efficient aircraft which would help slash flying costs significantly.

“We’ll celebrate today, and tomorrow we begin the process of getting the airplane ready for delivery to our Air India customer,” said Jack Jones, Boeing South Carolina vice president and general manager.

The ceremony was attended by nearly 7,000 Boeing employees and invited guests. The festival-like atmosphere, featuring aerial displays, music and entertainment, was a fitting celebration to commemorate assembly completion of the first 787 built at the North Charleston, facility, the company said……

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Sun Apr 29 2012


After a delay of nearly four months, many employees of the embattled Indian airline Kingfisher have been paid.

Chairman Vijay Mallya his employees that ewould pay the missing salaries

Chairman of the crisis-hit carrier, Vijay Mallya, admitted the salaries had been “seriously overdue”, but that the problem had arisen in the first place because the Indian tax authorities had frozen the company’s accounts.

Airline staff had previously written an open letter to Mallya, in it they said that they would stop reporting for duty if the situation wasn’t resolved soon. They also said that they could not give thier full attention to their work during this time due to the financial stress, and that this may lead to it being unsafe for passengers using KingFisher.

Kingfisher has been in financial trouble for some time. At one stage it was India’s largest airline by passenger numbers, but is now weathering money troubles, losing on average $1m (£628,000) per day….

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BBC News, 10th April 2012
Adrienne Murray reporting from Mumbai