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[BAA] In a note tinged with sadness, BAA’s new CIO Neil Clark announced to his team and to the Heathrow community, that his predecessor Philip Langsdale had passed away suddenly on 22nd December.

Philip Langsdale, ex CIO at BAA dies suddenly just before his 57th birthday

Philip Langsdale, ex CIO at BAA died suddenly a day before his 57th birthday: Photo: Airport Technology

Mr Langsdale was BAA Chief Information Officer serving four years with the UK airports company, he tended his resignation and left his post in August of this year (2012). He moved to a new position taking on the role of Chief Information Officer at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Mr Langsdale replaced Joe Harley as CIO at the DWP in September 2012, his role at BAA was filled by Neil Clark. Mr Clark was previously the Director for IT Programme delivery.

In an email released on the morning of Christmas Eve, Mr Clark said…..

It is with deep sadness that I have to bring you the news that Philip Langsdale passed away on Saturday 22nd December, the day before before his 57th birthday.

He will be remembered fondly by us all. 

I will of course pass our condolences to Philip’s wife and daughters.”

Philip Langsdale will be remembered for his great achievements at BAA. In the 2012 Appleton Lecture at the Institute of Engineering and Technology he explained the systems that Heathrow needed to make the airport run smoothly.

The then CIO of the world’s busiest airport announced that £1.5 billion was to be sunk into improving real-time and decision-making software systems at Heathrow.

We wish to pass on our deepest condolences to Mr Langsdale’s family.

Reporting: ChrisNewman
The Airport Informeer
Dec 31st, 2012