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[] London Heathrow airport chief executive officer Colin Matthews is to stand down later this year.

Colin Matthews has been at the helm since March 2008. Image: BBC News 

Matthews joined the airport in March 2008 and under his leadership the proportion of passengers rating their journey through Heathrow as good or excellent increased from less than 50% to more than 75%.

Terminal 5 has been voted by passengers as the world’s best airport terminal for the past three years and the airport has constructed the new T2 which is set to open in June.

London Heathrow was also official gateway for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the option for a third runway was shortlisted in December 2013 by the Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission.

Matthews said: “It has been a privilege to serve as CEO of Heathrow for the last six years. With a strong leadership team, the company continues to raise standards of passenger service, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The opening of terminal two: The Queen’s Terminal in June this year is a further important step in the transformation of Heathrow and long-term prospects are bright following the decision of the airport’s Commission to shortlist our proposal for a new runway.

So once terminal two has opened later this year, I have decided the time is right to pass on the baton.”

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31st March, 2014

Andrew Pentol

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[Telegraph Travel] Passengers returning to Heathrow faced delays of more than two hours last   night as the Border Force struggled once again to struggled to cope.

Image taken by passenger Christian Parkinson last night as passengers queued for passport control at Heathrow Terminal 5

Image taken by passenger Christian Parkinson last night as passengers queued for passport control at Heathrow Terminal 5

This was the second night in succession that the airport descended into chaos because of a shortage of immigration staff.

Worst hit was Terminal 5, the £4.3 billion showcase and base for British Airways, but severe delays were also reported elsewhere at Heathrow.

Airport and airlines were forced to order taxis to help travellers get home because many were unable to clear immigration before public transport shut  down for night.

The difficulties faced by passengers, some of whom described the chaos as “omni-megashambles”,   were compounded by the failure of some of the automatic gates.

Passengers from the UK and the European Economic Area had to spend at least an hour queuing, nearly three times the target set by the UK Border Agency.

Those from other countries, including the United States, were forced to wait more than two hours.

Among the thousands of arriving travellers were Jamie Murray, the tennis star and brother of British No 1 Andy, and Alastair Campbell, the former Downing Street communications director.

One passenger, who declined to be named, waited more than an hour to get through passport control at Heathrow T5 after returning from Paris on business.

He said the line for “non EU citizens” was even longer as hundreds of frustrated passengers waited to enter the country just after 11pm.

“I was so angry,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“It is terrifying, when you think about the Olympics and the crowds, this was just a regular Thursday night with a bit of rain.

“They were clearly expecting this as they had set up all these extra barriers up and down the corridor. They knew this was……

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By David Millward and Andrew Hough
27 Apr 2012

The owner of British Airways, IAG, has received approval for the takeover of BMI from current owners Lufthansa. European authorities (EUROPEAN COMMISSION PRESS RELEASE HERE) cleared the deal after IAG agreed to give up landing slots at Heathrow airport.

Together IAG, which also owns Iberia, and BMI would have controlled 53% of landing slots at Britain’s biggest airport.

Virgin Atlantic had fought BMI's takeover by IAG, the owner of British Airways

Virgin Atlantic had fought BMI's takeover by IAG, the owner of British Airways

Virgin urged regulators to block the deal saying that it distorts competition in the aviation market.  IAG reached a deal worth £172.5m ($273m) to buy BMI late last year.

The European Commission said its decision was conditional on the release of 14 slots at London’s Heathrow airport in order to allow other airlines greater access. It was also dependent on IAG committing to carry connecting passengers to feed the long-haul flights of competing airlines out of London Heathrow.

EU’s Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in a statement: “The commitments package includes an appropriate number of very sought-after slots at London Heathrow as well as far-reaching feeder arrangements as regards connecting passengers.

IAG’s chief executive Willie Walsh said: “This is great news for Britain. Over time we will launch new long-haul routes to key trading nations that are currently not served from Heathrow, while supporting our short-haul network.

“This is good for UK business and UK consumers. We have already announced that British Airways will re-start flights from Belfast to Heathrow, maintaining important economic links”…..

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BBC News
30 March 2012