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[Telegraph] London hubs experienced the most flight delays among airports in Britain between July and September last year, with nearly a third of passengers (31 per cent) delayed at the capital’s five airports last summer, new figures from the Civil Aviation Authority reveal.

A runway at Gatwick Airport, the worst for summer delays

A runway at Gatwick Airport, the worst for summer delays

Gatwick was the worst, with 43 per cent of its summer flights departing at least 15 minutes behind schedule, followed by Luton and Heathrow, ranked second and fourth worst overall, respectively.

Stansted and London City Airport fared best among London airports, finishing in 10th and 19th place, while Jersey and Manchester rounded out the top five UK airports with the most delays in the third quarter of last year.

Britain’s airports had its busiest summer ever, with more than 78 million passengers passing through one during the three summer months. The result was the worst flight punctuality of any summer period since 2010.

On-time flight performance dropped three per cent to 73 per cent, while the average delay time per flight across the 24 airports surveyed was 15 minutes, a one-minute increase on the same period in 2014.

“Airlines are accommodating the continuing strong passenger demand by carrying the extra passengers on larger aircraft, rather than increasing the number of flights significantly,” said Tim Johnson, CAA Policy Director.

“The strong passenger demand and a……

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The Telegraph
9th March, 2016


[BBC News] A man has been arrested on suspicion of making a hoax bomb threat after military jets were called to escort a passenger plane to Manchester Airport.

Officers boarded the plane and arrested a passenger. Photo: Reuters / Andrew Yates

The Qatar Airways plane was escorted in to land by the Royal Air Force (RAF) following information received by the pilot.

Greater Manchester Police said it was treating it as a “full emergency”.

Armed police boarded the Doha to Manchester plane and arrested a passenger on board. All flights in and out of the airport were suspended for about 25 minutes.

The plane involved was an Airbus A330-30, which had 269 passengers and 13 Qatar Airways crew on board. It was escorted by Typhoons from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

Operations at the airport resumed at about 14:00 BST after the plane landed at a terminal. Passengers have been disembarking from the plane “as normal”, an airport spokesman said.

Josh Hartley, who boarded the plane at Doha in Qatar, said: “Well when the escort came it was very scary – I’m pretty shook up now.”

BBC News – Photo: Reuters


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Photo courtesy Josh Hartley / BBC News

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BBC News
5th Aug, 2014

[Metro] Heathrow Airport has denied claims four planes in British airspace made ‘mayday’ distress calls as they came close to running out of fuel while battling gale-force winds.

Planes that were unable to land at either Gatwick or Heathrow on Friday were diverted to Manchester and met by emergency response teams.

It had been reported by the Sunday Times that three of the four planes made distress calls after they thought their reserve fuel was coming to an end.

In addition, it was thought that another, an American Airlines flight, had experienced problems with its rudder.

However, a spokesperson for Heathrow said this morning: ‘The story in the Sunday Times is untrue. There were no mayday or distress calls received at Heathrow.

‘Due to high cross winds some aircraft were diverted to other UK airports that have spare runway capacity.’

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BBC News
17th Jan, 2014

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[ITV NewsThomson Airways said a Dreamliner flying to Florida returned to Manchester after a “technical issue”.

Thomson Airways says Dreamliner forced to return to UK

Thomson Airways says Dreamliner forced to return to UK

A spokeswoman said: “Thomson Airways can confirm that flight TOM126 travelling from Manchester to Sanford, Florida experienced a technical issue and the aircraft returned to Manchester Airport, as a precautionary measure.

“Passengers have disembarked and our dedicated team of engineers are now inspecting the aircraft. Our customers will be moved to an alternative aircraft to ensure they get away on their holiday as soon as possible.

“The safety of our customers and crew is of paramount importance and we would like to apologise for the delay caused.”

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ITV News
12th July, 2012

[BBC News] RAF Typhoon jets have been launched to investigate an incident involving a civilian aircraft within UK airspace, the Ministry of Defence has said.

A reported on board incident created an alert: Picture Wikipedia

A reported on board incident created an alert and diverted the aircraft: Picture Wikipedia

A Pakistan International Airlines plane has been diverted from Manchester to Stansted Airport, a Manchester Airport spokesman said.

An Essex Police spokeswoman added: “An incident has occurred on an aircraft. Police and partners are responding.”

The BBC understands that the plane has now landed in Stansted.

The plane reportedly left Lahore at 09:35 local time. It was due in at Manchester at 1400 BST.


UPDATE at 14:55

The BBC understands that the plane has now landed in Stansted.

BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale said that police were expected to meet the plane at the airport. The plane, flight number PK709, reportedly left Lahore at 09:35 local time. It was due in at Manchester at 14:00 BST.

The MoD said responsibility for the incident had now passed to Essex Police and the Home Office. The MoD was not able to say how serious a threat there was on board.

An MoD spokesman said the incident was now a police matter and that “our involvement is over”.

He said Typhoon jets could be scrambled after the pilot or crew of a passenger aircraft sends out an emergency signal.

“The purpose of going up is to investigate what the situation is,” he said.

“Often when a Quick Reaction Alert aircraft is launched the details are not known, but it is known that a signal has been sent.

“Part of the purpose of sending a Typhoon up is to have a look and see what they can see.”

A Pakistan International Airlines spokesman Zufiqar Bijarani told CNN: “We have been told there may have been a bomb threat.” But he did not say if he had anything to confirm or deny this.

Stansted Airport said on Twitter that it was operating normally.

Pakistan International Airlines said there were 308 passengers on board, as well as 14 crew including pilots, with a mixture of Pakistani and British passport holders.

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24th May, 2013

[The Moscow Times] British budget airline easyJet on Wednesday started selling tickets for a Moscow-Manchester service to begin in March, as the no-frills carrier looks set to slash the cost of flying between Russia and Britain.

easyJet plans to launch its low-cost Moscow-London and Moscow- Manchester flights in March

easyJet plans to launch its low-cost Moscow-London and Moscow- Manchester flights in March. Photo: Wikipedia

A one-way trip from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport to Manchester, the third largest city in Britain, starts at $72.49, easyJet director Paul Simmons told The Moscow Times. The price for Moscow-London flights, with sales set to begin in mid-January, will be similar.

As of March 18, there will be four daily flights between Moscow and London, leaving London at 7 a.m. and 2:10 p.m. and Moscow at 2:30 p.m. and 9:40 p.m., Simmons said. The Moscow-Manchester service will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

While there is a fixed quota for tickets sold at the starting price, easyJet operates a system whereby fares increase with demand, making them more expensive in peak periods.

The company’s first commercial flight from Manchester to Moscow is scheduled for March 28. By mid-afternoon in Moscow a one-way ticket on easyJet’s website was selling for £59.99 ($96.70).

As well as stealing market share from Russian carriers, easyJet also expects to boost the numbers of tourists and businessmen travelling between the two countries.

“We will grow the market,” Simmons said. “We tend to do that when we go to a new destination.”

And the company expects the new routes to be lucrative. easyJet could reap profits of up to $2.4 million flying 300,000 passengers annually, he said.

easyJet was awarded the right to operate the Moscow-London route from Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority in October, beating off competition from Richard Branson‘s Virgin Atlantic.

Under a bilateral agreement between Russia and Britain only four carriers can fly between the two countries’ capitals. A space became available earlier this year — for the first time since 1998 ……..

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Moscow Times – By Howard Amos
14th Dec, 2012

[Daily Mail] A Ryanair plane carrying 141 people from Manchester came within seconds and feet of disaster at a German airport after the pilots tried to make up lost time on their landing, according to an official air safety report. 

A Ryanair 737 nearly crashed over Germany after pilots tried a new manoeuvre in a bid to make up 30 minutes of lost time. Photo:  Wikipedia

A Ryanair 737 nearly crashed over Germany after pilots tried a new manoeuvre in a bid to make up 30 minutes of lost time. Photo: Wikipedia

Investigators said the late-running Boeing 737 – with 153 passengers and six crew – almost crashed when landing at Memmingen Airport in Bavaria on September 23 when the 30-year-old pilot and his co-pilot, 29, tried to ‘make good on some of the time lost in Manchester’.

It triggered a series of increasingly urgent automated warnings to the pilots to pull up to avoid hitting the ground before reaching the runway.

The German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation in Braunschweig classified the drama as a ‘serious incident’ that happened ‘within seconds’.

Setting out how the drama unfolded, the official report said that, some five miles out from the airport, the pilots noticed the plane was descending too quickly.

At one point, the plane was just 450ft (150m) above the ground while dropping at a rate of 500ft/sec, according to the interim report.

The auto-pilot was deactivated and moments later an alarm sounded in the cockpit warning the pilots of the plane’s proximity to the ground.

The official report said that, according to the flight recorder, a warning sounded in the cockpit at 16.39 and 42 seconds with the words: ‘Terrain, terrain. Pull up.’

The pilot then instigated a procedure known as a ‘go-around’ which involves pulling up sharply from the runway descent and then attempting the landing afresh.

The report highlights a series of increasingly urgent warnings from the plane’s ‘Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System’.

The first alarm came at 16.39 and 20 seconds when the plane was at 1,319ft. Then, 17 seconds later, ‘the auto-pilot was deactivated’.

Three seconds after that another warning urged ‘Caution Terrain’ when the jet was at just 480ft from the ground.

A second later, the plane reached its lowest flight altitude of 450ft and a second after that the ground warning system barked: ‘Terrain, Terrain. Pull up, pull up!’

The crew was then forced to conduct a ‘missed approach procedure‘ before coming into land safely……

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10th Dec, 2012

[BBC News] Work has started to extend the runway at Birmingham Airport in a bid to compete for long-haul flights.

Airport officials say the runway extension could be in use by spring 2014.  Photo: Wikipedia

Airport officials say the runway extension could be in use by spring 2014. Photo: Wikipedia

Planning permission was granted in 2009 and in February final approval was given for the £40m project to extend the runway by 400 metres.

Chief executive Paul Kehoe said the extension would allow Birmingham to compete with Manchester for flights to the US and the Far East.

The runway extension is also part of a wider plan to increase capacity.

Birmingham is currently England’s second largest regional airport after Manchester, serving 9.6m passengers a year.

Airport bosses said an investment programme could allow it to double its capacity and increase the number of routes it serves.

They believe the runway extension could be in use by spring 2014.

The airport opened a new control tower in June, incorporating the latest technology, which managers hoped would help it attract airlines.

Paul Forrest, from the West Midlands Economic Forum, said having the runway extended would be “very significant” for the region’s economy and could potentially boost regional growth by 3-4%.

He said: “Birmingham is much more competitive than many other airports.

“It’s quicker to get from Birmingham International to Euston than it is to get from Heathrow to Euston on the Tube.

James Puxty, of the NEC Group whose base is next to the airport, said the runway extension was “really positive news” for the company…..

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BBC News
28th Nov, 2012

[BBC] An airline security worker has been suspended after failing to spot a fake bomb as it passed through the X ray machine.

The Department for Transport spokesman said. "The safety of the travelling public is paramount,"

The Department for Transport spokesman said. “The safety of the travelling public is paramount,” Photo: Wikipedia

Manchester Airport said it had launched an investigation into the incident.

The Department for Transport carries out regular dummy runs at UK airports to ensure security is up to scratch. A spokesman for the airport said: “We can confirm a security officer has been suspended but we cannot comment further as there is an ongoing investigation.”

The Department for Transport spokesman said it conducted regular airport tests but could not comment further.

The spokesman said: “The safety of the travelling public is paramount, which is why the UK combines intelligence, technology and other measures to provide one of the strictest regimes for aviation security in the world.

“We have a regular programme of inspections to ensure compliance with this regime, but do not comment on the specifics or outcomes for obvious reasons.”

In July, Manchester Airport suspended a number of airline staff after an 11-year-old boy boarded a plane from Manchester to Rome on his own without a passport, tickets or boarding pass.

The boy mingled with families to get through checks and was found mid-air on the Jet2 plane after passengers became suspicious.

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BBC News
6th Oct, 2012

[Manchester Evening News] Two men on a flight from Manchester Airport have been arrested at an airport in Tenerife for making false bomb threats.

The flight was surrounded by armed police on arrival at Tenerife Sur this afternoon

The flight was surrounded by armed police on arrival at Tenerife Sur this afternoon. Photo: Wikipedia

The flight carrying 218 passengers and eight staff was surrounded by armed police on arrival at Tenerife Sur this afternoon.

The two men were arrested and the plane was searched.

The incident happened on a Thomas Cook Airlines flight from Manchester to Tenerife just after the plane had landed.

The pair arrested were aged 20 and 18.

The crisis was sparked when the two men began arguing with the on-board crew, according to Spanish news reports.

It is understood the captain decided to contact the control tower in Tenerife after they made threats about carrying a bomb.

Bomb disposal teams were put on alert as Spanish authorities triggered security procedures and called in the Civil Guard.

The plane landed and was taken to a secure area to allow police on board.

The two men, believed to be in their 20s, were arrested.

No bomb was found and the passengers and crew were evacuated safely.

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook said…..

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Steve Robson
May 11, 2012